Sunday, December 18, 2011

Decorating For Christmas (Better Late Than Never)

A mere week before Christmas, we finally got around to buying and decorating a Christmas tree.  We must have been the last people in our town to buy their tree, since the lot was almost completely void of people.  We purchased this year's tree during a small window of time after Georgia's soccer game and before Josie's hockey lesson.  Here we are posing in front of the tree we chose.

Saturday was FREEZING here in the Northeast.  Josie was really the only person who dressed appropriately for the temperature:

Henry, who is now 11 1/2 and in sixth grade, no longer wears coats.

The other day he told me that cotton, hoodie sweatshirts are actually just as warm as down jackets.

I had a good chuckle over that one.  What is it about middle school that once a child walks through it's door, all common sense gets left behind?

But if you think Henry was cold, wait until you see what Georgia wore to pick out our tree:

Bare legs!  And soccer shorts!  And without the excuse of middle-school-addled thought processes!

Obviously, we didn't spend too much time perusing the lot!

We chose a tree quickly and easily and high-stepped it back to the car.

While Gordy paid for the tree, the children warmed themselves up by the portable fire pit:

When we got home, Gordy and I had just enough time to get the tree in the stand and hang the lights.  Gordy kindly offered to hang the lights.  He pulled the tangled mess of lights from the ornament bin and placed them unceremoniously on top of the tree:


It's hard to tell from the photos, but it was very, very funny.

At least to us.

Eventually, the lights did get put on the tree the correct way and I managed to unpack the ornaments before we moved on to the next activity.

After Josie finished her hockey lesson and before Henry had his hockey game, we found ourselves with another free 45 minutes and we decided to use the time decorating the tree:

The girls began to hang the ornaments.

They enjoyed looking through the pile and picking out their favorites.

Where was Henry, you ask?

He was where he always is ....

in the kitchen, eating.  That's right, this 45-minute window of ornament-hanging time also had to serve as dinner. 

To get in the festive mood, we cranked up the holiday music and had a quick dance party:

Josie got so heated that she had to stop for refreshment (actually left over from her post-hockey replenishment)

Eventually, we had to call Henry in from the kitchen to help the girls reach the taller parts of the tree:

We had purchased take-out from Whole Foods for dinner, so every few ornaments, Henry & Georgia would go into the kitchen and eat a few bites of dinner:

But not Josie...

She decorated that tree and she danced until the bitter end.  

And thank goodness she did, because we can finally say that we are ready for Christmas!

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