Thursday, December 22, 2011

An Early Christmas

As tradition dictates, a few days before Christmas, we celebrated Home Christmas by opening the gifts sent to us by Gordy's parents, Sister & Family, and Aunt & Uncle.  To Henry, Georgia and Josie, Home Christmas signals the start of the Christmas festivities and is, therefore, just as exciting as the actual Christmas day.  This year, we scheduled Home Christmas for the Sunday morning of a very busy weekend.... a weekend during which I had been looking forward to sleeping in and relaxing at least one morning.  Can you see the flaw in my plan?

Obviously, the children had no interest in allowing me to sleep when there was a substantial present pile to attend to.  Sad for me.

I played Santa and passed out the gifts.  Georgia and Josie both got Password-Protected diaries and Henry received the remote control helicopter that he had been admiring.

Josie won the price (two years in a row) for opening the largest present in the pile.

Grandma & Grandpa gave her a child-sized harp!

Which she obviously loved.

Georgia was very excited to find a practice soccer ball under the tree:

and Gordy was happy to find some warm clothes:

Perhaps the funniest moment occurred when Georgia opened a wooden fairy house set:

and Gordy realized that said wooden house would have to be assembled by him:

Oh - didn't I mention that you might need to do some assembling today, Gordy?

Whoops!  Sorry!

We all had a wonderful Home Christmas and we all received some fabulous gifts.  Thank you, Grandma, Grandpa, Cathy, Jon, Zach, Ned, Lois & Harvey!

(the aftermath)


elisabethellington said...

Timely blog post! Maybe now I'll remember to take photos on Xmas morning. Seriously, I am so lame. We never ever remember that we have a camera and should use it. (Though we do have A LOT of pet pictures. But then, they do a lot of cute things and my kids... well, not so much.) Love the photo of Gordy with Assembly Face. The child-sized harp is really cool!

Martha said...

Isn't that cool? That was a good gift, particularly because it's relatively quiet (for a noise toy). I get accused of taking too many photos. As a parent, you can't win.

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