Thursday, December 1, 2011

Guess Who's 9 Now?

Georgia!  She had her birthday last week which meant an early morning wake-up call and present opening.  Gordy and I gave her a Norwegian soccer jersey which she will be able to wear to her town team practices.... and to school, if she feels like it.

Georgia enjoyed opening all her presents...

And Josie enjoyed watching Georgia open all her presents:

Henry watched, but I'm not so sure he enjoyed the process:

Georgia prolonged Henry's agony by reading the backs of every book she received:

And making general hoopla over every present:

(yes, you are seeing that correctly.  Georgia asked for and received electric hair curlers for her birthday.)

Like all girls before her, Georgia has long coveted the hair type which she doesn't have.  While her teenage babysitters are killing themselves to get the long, straight look that Georgia grows naturally, Georgia would like to have poofy, curly hair.  

I prepared her ahead of time, for what I refer to as The Elliot Inability To Curl - I know this because I once got a perm and my straight hair was so horrified by my actions that it took it upon itself to uncurl and go completely back to normal by the next morning.  It was like the time Harry Potter's Aunt Petunia cut his hair and he magically grew it back in 24 hours.  

Obviously, my hair is still waiting for it's admittance letter to Hogwarts.

To help Georgia with her curl process, I used a curling gel and hoped for the best:

Josie tried some rollers as well:

And the results....

Oh well.

Strangely curly!

Good thing Georgia was a good sport about the whole thing!

That night we had a special birthday dinner (turkey burgers as requested by Georgia) and a three-layer chocolate cake with seven-minute frosting:

Straight hair or curly, it was a fabulous birthday.


Lisa W. said...

So sweet! My nine year old has naturally curly hair and desperately wants it ti be straight! We keep telling her there are girls who would love to have her curly hair, but she doesn't believe us. Maybe i'll let her read this. . . .

Martha said...

It's it always the case that we want what we don't have? I have blonde, straight hair, just like Georgia and I always dreamed of having dark brown, curly hair! Please tell your daughter that to us, she is extremely lucky!

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