Sunday, December 11, 2011

Just One of Those Weeks

It was just one of those weeks.  Work was stressful, activities were plentiful and emotions were running high.  After picking Josie up from school on Thursday, I came up the stairs to find this in my kitchen:

One fallen Josie, a girl who had Had Enough.

Saturday was really no better.  Georgia had a far-away, indoor soccer game, Henry had 2 hours of lacrosse practice and when those were finished, I took Josie (and two friends) to a skating birthday, while Gordy accompanied the two older children on a shopping trip for Christmas presents.

We were so busy running around, that no one gave any thought to dinner plans until it was too late and we are already tired and starving.

It was one of those moments when we missed our long-ago home in Manhattan - a magical land where every thing you could possible want/need was immediately delivered to your door.  

Our community is not a place that has many food delivery options.  

We had to rely instead on Delivery Gordy, who spent another 40 minutes of his day in his car driving, to pick up some food:

Gordy's smile in the above photo is not really a true representation of the moment.  He was posing in hopes of looking decent and cheerful on the internet.

Georgia's look and attitude is more accurate:

We were all feeling tired and cranky and because it was really late, we were wondering if we were really hungry anymore at all.

Josie had already decided that she was not.

She spent most of the meal, curled up in a little ball, trying to fall asleep in her clothes.

The rest of us ate, discussed the success of the soccer game, the new drills practiced in lacrosse and what we still had left to do of the Christmas present purchasing.

It turned out to be a pleasant meal (Josie excluded) but getting food to the table had been harder than it needed to be.  I decided that one of my New Year's Resolutions will be to do a better job at organizing / preparing the family meals - especially on weekends.  I have a friend who will often make five meals on Sunday and stick them all the freezer, ready to be cooked and served on days when there isn't time to create something fresh.  Maybe I will try this myself.  I definitely know that I would like to go grocery shopping less often during the week and little better planning would make this goal possible.

Whoops!  Josie fell over!  Time for bed.  And time to start another week.

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