Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Nutcracker Strikes Again!

If you were looking for either Georgia or Josie over the past five weeks, you should have looked no further than the ballet studio, where they could be found each afternoon, practicing for this year's Nutcracker.  Sometime around the first of November, the ballet Matron suspends all regular classes and she switches into Nutcracker Mode, which means that if you have two daughters dancing in the ballet, you will spend a minimum of 8 hours a week running back and forth between rehearsals.

The girls love the entire thing - they love the dashing off to dance lessons at all hours of the day and evening.  They love hearing the loud Nutcracker music blasting from speakers in the studio as they enter the building.  They love learning the steps and trying on new costumes.  I, on the other hand, find myself in a ballet performance haze after about a week.  The Nutcracker rehearsal calendar is a puzzle that I have a hard time trying to solve.  It involves daily checks on the internet and daily confirmations with other mothers.  I sent MANY texts these past few weeks asking, "Do the girls have class today at 4?  Am I reading her email correctly?"  And I also caught myself, more than once, overcome by the horrifying, sudden fear that there was a rehearsal going on at which my child was not present.  Luckily, these were usually false fears.

It was a very stressful ballet season for me this year which is bizarre since I usually enjoy the hoopla surrounding The Nutcracker.  I'm not sure what made this year so hard for me to get through, but it was.

Josie was a Spanish Dancer this year.

And Georgia - due to her complex soccer schedule - danced the same two roles as she did last year:  Candy Cane and Toy Soldier.

You might think that Georgia was disappointed to find herself dancing the same two roles again this year, but you would be wrong.  She had to miss almost every weekend rehearsal because of her soccer team practices / games and I think she was relieved to already know the ballet routine.

Friday evening was the dress rehearsal, which I attended to take pictures. 

The actual performance was on Saturday afternoon.

The following were the only two photos I got of the girls in full make-up / costume:

Josie, made up to look like a 1980's tart....

and Georgia, wearing the felt cheeks that would leave angry, red marks on her face for the next 48 hours.

I took a picture of the girls with Gordy's mother after the dance, so we would remember that Grandma and Grandpa were there.  

I'm glad that the Nutcracker is over for another year.   I loved watching the performance and I loved how my girls get so excited to dance in a real ballet, but I could do without the frantic back-and-forth that leads up to it.  We are on hiatus from ballet until January and I am feeling relieved and almost jolly again.  Let Christmas begin!

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