Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Oops! We Did It Again!

May I please introduce to you, the latest hockey-playing Elliot.

(have you ever seen anything so cute?)

(and by "you" I'm referring to everyone but my sister, Elizabeth, who has never found anyone in a hockey uniform cute)

Over the summer, Josie mentioned -- very casually, I might add -- that she MAY want to play hockey in the fall.  The words were barely out of her mouth, when Gordy had the check signed, the envelope licked and Josie added to the roster of the Introduction to Hockey program offered by our local youth hockey.  We are not completely sure why Josie suddenly expressed an interest in hockey (though we might guess it had something to do with the fact that her friend Samantha plays hockey) but we were thrilled nonetheless.  Josie has not found her true sporting love yet and we want her to discover the joy of exercise and being part of a team.  We also live in New England and here in the cold, wild northeast, it's mandatory that you either skate or ski.

We don't ski.  

Gordy was particularly happy with this chain of events because if Gordy is not skating, coaching hockey, playing hockey or doing Hockey Board events, then he is dead - or at the very least, sulking profusely.  Having another child participate in the sport means Gordy can be a hockey parent for 5 more years.  At least.

Josie tried on her hockey gear for me when they got back from the store.

Gordy (wisely, I might add) allowed Josie to choose the pink hockey socks, the pink skate laces and the pink tape for her stick.

Josie learned fairly quickly that hockey gear is bulkier than it looks:

She "practiced" skating around the kitchen in her socks.

And showed me how her helmet will look when on her head:

I wasn't able to make the first week's lesson, but I went to the second class, which took place immediately after the Nutcracker performance:

Josie wore full stage make-up since we didn't have time to go home and bathe.  We figured the other hockey students / parents / coaches wouldn't notice the eye shadow when she put her helmet on.  Of course, we hadn't figured in the fact that Josie's helmet would barely fit over her well-hair-sprayed ballet coiffure.  There was a great deal of pushing involved.

Josie got right on the ice when the gate was opened:

She has been skating for three years, so she has that aspect of hockey down pat.

Gordy is helping "teach" the class, so he and Josie warmed up together at the beginning:

I was impressed that Josie managed to stay up on her skates, while passing the puck back and forth to Gordy.  

Soon the class began and Josie joined the other Gold Team members in various drill stations:

It was easy to find Josie amongst all the children.  Thank goodness for those pink socks!

The class meets for 6 one-hour sessions and if she enjoys hockey, Josie will be able to play full-time next fall.  Are we crazy to do this all over again?  Was one child in hockey enough?  We'll see!


A. E. said...

Sounds like fun! :)
Alpine Dermatology

Martha said...

It was! Thanks for stopping by, AE! Come back soon.

خياط الملكة - The Royal Couturier said...

Seems like u had wonderful time
u have amazing kids :))

Martha said...

Thank you, Royal Couturier! They are wonderful - most of the time! Thank you for visiting my blog!

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