Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Teacher's Gifts

I made the executive decision to skip the baking of Julekage this year.  It was right around the time when I was planning Christmas meal menus and wrapping presents, and the thought of finding a day to spend baking bread for teacher's holiday gifts seemed outrageous when there were perfectly nice gift certificates to be purchased and passed out.  

But then I had a change of heart.  Teacher's gifts are supposed to be Thank You's from the children and anyway, our town has a limit to the monetary amount a teacher is allowed to accept each year.  I decided that it would be more prudent to make the Thank Yous after all... but I shelved the Julekage idea until next year. 

Instead, we made salt-dough ornaments.

The children began by measuring out the proper amounts of flour, salt and water to create the dough.

Well, Georgia and Josie did the measuring.  Henry was supposed to be helping with the process since he will be giving an ornament to the nurse who gives him his allergy shots and to his tutor, but instead he chose to sit back and observe.

And critique and criticize... two things that he is very good at. 

The girls were leveling cups of flour when Henry got up....

We all drew our breath in anticipation.  Could Henry be joining us in the craft project after all?

Nope.  False alarm.  He was just getting a cup for drinking water.

Oh well.

Georgia and Josie began the mixing / kneading process:

And they rolled out the dough.

At this point, I insisted that Henry help.  I do not think it is appropriate to say Thank You to someone by handing them an ornament that your sister has made.

Once the shapes were cut out, we punched holes at the top for the ribbon to be looped through...

and we baked the ornaments in the oven for about an hour until they were hard.

Next came the real fun...


Henry dutifully painted his two ornaments and then hastily exited the room.

Georgia and Josie painted the rest of the tray.

The painting looked like fun to me, so I helped out with one snowflake.

Whoever is the lucky recipient of my ornament can thank me later!

Once the paint had dried, we tied a ribbon ...

and packaged them in sparkly take-out boxes with glittery bows.

Cheap, easy and most importantly, fun!


A. E. said...

Those are so cute!
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Martha said...

Thanks, A.E.! I hope the teachers like them (but how could they not?)

Happy Holidays!

elisabethellington said...

I hope you realize that you are the Craftsy Mom that I long to be in my heart. Hand-painted ornaments! AWESOME. (Maybe just MAYBE my kids will get to decorate some cookies. Maybe. If I can motivate myself to bake.)

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