Tuesday, January 24, 2012

24 Hours of Horror

Our house was the target of an evil 24-hour stomach bug.  Georgia was the first one to fall victim around 1:00 am on Monday.  She did not make it to the bathroom.  As Gordy and I scurried around cleaning up, putting new sheets on the bed and helping Georgia get comfortable, I mentally rearranged my day.  The painters, tiler, and carpenter could still come, but I probably wouldn't be able to do any shopping or get Gordy's mom's birthday present mailed.  

Gordy and I had just fallen asleep when Henry appeared in our room around 2:00am.  He started to tell me that he didn't fell great and I was able to rush him to the bathroom before he too began to vomit.  Gordy and I got him a bucket, helped Georgia clean out hers, settled them both into bed and I re-arranged my day again.  I would cancel Henry's tutor and an appointment I had, I would call and see if the carpenter could come another day since he would be working on Henry's room and Henry would probably need his room.

The night progressed with me (and sometimes Gordy) getting up every 40 minutes to clean up after either Georgia or Henry.  At 4:30, Josie woke up and came out of her room to see what was going on.  She claimed that she felt fine, but no less than 20 minutes later, it was Josie who was running off to the bathroom and getting her own bucket.  Sigh.

All three kids had the stomach bug.  At once.

Believe it or not, this had never happened before.

I rearranged my day for the third time.  I would call EVERYONE and cancel.  We would get blankets and lie on the couch and watch movies.  

And then the bug hit me.  Hard.  Four out of five of us were ill beyond words and the fifth member of our family was feeling fine... at work.  When it was late enough to start making phone calls, I cancelled my appointment, I cancelled Henry's tutor, I called the painters and asked them to come on Tuesday, I called both the elementary school and the middle school and left Absent Messages for all three children, I attempted to get a message to the tiler but failed, and the carpenter said he wasn't scared of a stomach flu and decided to show up anyway.  I could barely get off the couch, so I wasn't the best hostess.  I was glad that I didn't have to do too much interacting with either one.  

The kids and I - and our buckets and blankets - spent the day in front of the tv, moaning.  We watched "The Goonies," and an episode each of "Toddlers and Tiaras," "Cupcake Wars" and "Storage Wars."  We started to watch the movie "Marmaduke," but it was so bad that I turned it off for fear that it was turning the children into idiots.  We watched PBS for awhile and we watched TLC.  By noon, we were dying of thirst, but afraid to drink any water.  By dinner time, we were feeling brave enough to eat some saltines and bananas that Gordy brought home.  

We all went to bed by 6:30 and spent the night tossing and turning, stuck in that terrible sick place where you are sweating one minute and shivering the next.  I got up at the usual time this morning and forced myself to eat a bowl of cereal.  I was still feeling queasy and had a headache, but I could tell that I was improving.  I woke Henry and Josie up and got them breakfast.  Their coloring was good and they felt up to nibbling on toast and eating applesauce.  Georgia got up closer to 7 and said she "Felt Fantastic!"  Since she was the first of us to get the bug, I figured that I should let her set the example of the day and I sent them all to school.  

I figure that Henry will feel fantastic next and a few hours later, Josie will be back to normal and sometime around 11 o'clock, I'll be smiling, too.  

Let's hope, anyway.


Lisa W. said...

How awful!! I don't think all three of mine have ever had at the same time either (knocking on wood and crossing my fingers). Glad everyone is on the mend!

Martha said...

It WAS awful, let me tell you! Thankfully, everyone is on the mend. I'm crossing my fingers for you, too. Luckily you don't live up here because the bug is going around.

Angela M said...

Oh dear! I haven't checked out your blog in ages and this is what I find! I'm the fourth in our family to succumb to the head cold (and should have had more sympathy --it's bad!) and I hope we don't find 4 of us coming down with this! Sounds like it's fairly short-lived, thank goodness. Hope you all are recovered for the weekend!

Martha said...

Hello Angela! Yes - you are so, so very happy that you didn't catch this one. Especially with a newborn! I'm not even sure I'd call it short-lived. It's Friday and I still don't feel great! Gordy got the bug yesterday, so listening to him isn't helping me either!

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