Thursday, January 26, 2012

Before The Nightmare Began

I am late getting this post published today.  The stomach bug hasn't really left our home yet, and I'm still feeling tired, sluggish and queasy.  Gordy called me from work this morning to report that he's starting to feel ill, poor guy.  At school pick-up yesterday, a friend told me that they had the same bug last week and her symptoms lasted an entire week!  An entire week!  Mercy Maud!  I'm not sure I can take this feeling for much longer.

I went through my photos for blog inspiration, and I found cheerful pictures of what we did the day before and leading up to The Great Stomach Disaster of 2012.   It's hard for me to imagine having as much energy as we did just a few days ago!

On Saturday - during a snow storm - we took Georgia and five of her friends (+ Henry and Josie, of course) to a roller rink for her very-belated birthday party.

We started the girls out with real roller skates but within 30 minutes, all the girls but Josie and one other friend had switched to roller blades.  Roller skates are extremely heavy, apparently.

Josie, it ends up, is a natural roller skater.  She was a total champ and spent the entire afternoon rolling around in circles and dancing to the music.  Henry stuck with the roller skates, too, without any difficulty.  The roller rink is a strange place.  First of all, it was completely dark with day-glow painted planets all around the perimeter.  Second of all, it was extraordinarily loud.  I know this ages me just by writing it, but there was no reason why the music had to be turned up to blasting.  I couldn't hear myself think let alone the person standing next to me.  It made keeping track of the girls very difficult since Gordy and I had to shout to coordinate who was watching whom.  The girls had a blast and the party was a success, but I've never been so glad to leave a place in my life.  

The next morning, while Henry and Gordy were at hockey, the girls played outside in our first real snow storm of the year.  

And then we all settled down to watch the Giants / 49er game on tv.  Guess who we were rooting for:

While the children were still up, the 49ers were doing well and we were all feeling excited.  And then things began to change.  The glee and merriment ended, and I put the camera away.  

Later that night, as if to mirror the agony of the 49ers defeat, the stomach nightmare began.  

Hopefully, this coming weekend will be better.


Angie said...

I love to rollerskate but I can't rollerblade to save my life. It is much harder!

Hope you all are on the mend in no time. Being sick is no fun :(

Martha said...

I haven't roller-skated since I was a child but I used to love it, too. We thought that the roller skates would be easier than the rollerblades for the girls since they would be more balanced on the four wheels.... we were so wrong!

Who knew?

Thanks for your kind thoughts. I'm sure we'll feel better soon. Thanks so much for stopping by! And for joining my followers! Come back often!

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