Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Crane's Beach in January

Nothing lifts the spirits quite like a trip to the ocean and after a week of illness, exhaustion and freak injuries, our spirits desperately needed lifting.

We needed a strong dose of Vitamin D

and we needed an opportunity to splash in the ocean for awhile....

(even if our splashing was done in winter boots and parkas).  When you live in New England, you can't be too choosy.  Beach time is beach time, whatever the season.

It was cold at Crane's beach, but the sun was glorious and bright.

Georgia and Josie got right down to business building sand castles and creating canals between the ocean and the large puddle closest to their blanket.

I walked around taking photos and revelling in the fresh sea breezes.  I was practically giddy to be back at the beach.  I love the ocean.  I would happily move to the beach at a moment's notice.

Forget the woods, Crane's Beach is my kind of nature!

I could sense that Gordy and Henry - the two members of our family not completely enthralled with the shore during conventional months, let alone in the winter - were getting antsy, so I suggested a walk.

Or should I say "a carry," since that's what happened every time we encountered one of the many "tidal pool" puddles along the way.  One of us (cough HENRY cough) apparently didn't hear me when I told everyone to put on their boots before we left our house.

Crane's Beach in January is just gorgeous.  The tide was out and the sand ripples it left behind were like architectural sculptures.   I will admit that it was a little on the windy side, but I never mind a little wind when I'm at the beach provided that the sun is shining.

Our walk turned into a jog when a lost mitten was discovered precariously close to the water's edge:

and we spread out a little as we got lost in our thoughts:

It was peaceful and the peace was just what we needed.  It felt good to just be quiet for awhile.

We watched horses walk by and fat seagulls swimming in the ocean.

 I was sad when it was time to climb back over the dunes and go home.

I really can not wait until summer.


Angie said...

I live 8 hours from the beach so we don't get the opportunity to go often. I'd love to live closer, it really brings a sense of peace and calm to your life when your there. These photos are beautiful. I'm so glad you all enjoyed your day!

Anonymous said...


Martha said...

Angie - Thanks so much! I wish I were back at the beach right now. I wish we lived closer to the ocean, too but i guess that our distance just makes visiting that much greater.

Thanks for stopping by & for commenting!

Martha said...

Hello Anonymous


A. E. said...

What a beautiful beach!
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Martha said...

It is, AE! Especially off-season when there are very few people around. I think I brought some of the beach back home with me... today it's in the upper 40's and sunny. I'd think it was spring except its still January! Hope it's warm where you are!

Lisa said...

Love the beach!!! We only go in the summer and I have been thinking about it lately (as our winter has been unusually warm) and wishing we could go. Beautiful pics, too!

ginmommy said...

Hey, stopped over from Grass Stains, just telling you how gorgeous your pics are!!

Martha said...

Lisa - I love the beach, too. We don't go too often in the winter but it was one of those rare Sundays when we had no plans and the sun was out. Thanks for stopping by!

Martha said...

Thanks, Gretchen! So glad you stopped by!

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