Sunday, January 8, 2012

Foam Gingerbread Construction

Oh, how behind I am!  The Christmas holidays were full of blogging material and I'm only now getting around to writing about them!  Sorry.

At some point before the holidays, I was at a Michael's Craft Store, buying heaven's knows what, when I saw these foam house kits on sale.  I threw three into my carriage and I brought them home, hoping that they might fill a spare hour or so on a cold afternoon.

I like a good foam project because they are easy to construct, but they look like they were close to impossible.  There's a good amount of wow! for a small amount of effort.

These kits were a little unusual, though, since they included all the pieces but absolutely no directions.

We had to wing it and try a few different configurations before we got it right.

As I had guessed, the kits came with some fabulous, decorating extras like the below lights:

and many pieces of glittery, sparkly, sticky, foam.  

The kits held the children's complete attention for an entire hour:

Georgia was the first to finish her masterpiece:

She followed the picture on the front of the box to the last sparkly ornament.  

Henry did as well:

Please note the look on Josie's face in the above picture of Henry's finished project.  Josie had the same kit as Henry, but her pack had not included the Santa's Toy Shoppe Sticker for the top.  And Josie WANTED that Santa's Toy Shoppe sticker!

We searched high and low to no avail.  I'm sure that it got misplaced amongst all the debris of the project, but that didn't make Josie feel any better.  

So Georgia stepped in to help:

With an extra piece of white foam, a pen and some glue, Georgia made Josie her own sign for the top of the house:

Phew!  Crisis averted!


The Royal Couturier said...

WOW , amazing !
but im voting for Georgia , not only because her house was the best but also because she helped Josie !
Henry did very well too , and only few guys can do the same or better , decoration isnt a priority in our lives , boys :D

Martha said...

Yes! Georgia did get many points for her compassion and all around helpfulness!

I was actually amazed that Henry wanted to do that project at all. He's entered the phase when he still wants to do the things the younger kids do but he isn't sure if it's really the "cool" thing to do!

The Royal Couturier said...

it has a bit of construction and engineering which is our part ! but the decorating ! ugh NO :D
for me when i was younger i enjoyed decorating and these stuff cuz my younger friends were doing it , i started enjoying clothes and designing and these stuff cuz my mum used to design her own night gowns and i was watching ! it kinda of freaked out my ex gf :D

Though i'm afraid that Henry won't be willing to do the decoration things for long ! but since his sisters are doing it he may still enjoy it !

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