Sunday, January 29, 2012

Gift Cards with a Side Order of Accounting 101

Georgia received not one but TWO Michaels gift cards from Cathy & Jon for her birthday and she had been waiting patiently until after her friend party to cash the cards in for crafting supplies.  The theory behind the long wait was that many of her friends know that she likes to do art projects and she would hate to buy something from Michaels only to receive it as a present a short time later.  

When gifts are involved, Georgia thinks things through.  

Josie and I went with Georgia to watch her spend her money.

Michaels is a huge store and I figured that spending $20 would be a long, drawn-out process.  I allotted the entire afternoon and hoped to be pleasantly surprised if we made it out of the store in time for me to spend a few minutes reading my book before it was time to stop and make dinner.  We began outside at the discount bins....

and then went inside to the faux flower display:

I followed Georgia and Josie as they walked systematically up and down the aisles and inspected every shelf and bin:

Boas were tried on...

and knick-knacks were inspected:

And at last....

a first item was chosen:  a decorative hole puncher.  

Georgia was having an easier time making up her mind than I thought.   

I held on tightly to her first item and acted as a human calculator  as we moved further through the store.

The hole punch was only $4.99 and Georgia had $15.01 left to spend.

Meanwhile, Josie was perusing the aisle with an agenda of her own.

Josie had come to Michaels armed with her porcupine wallet, over $6 in change and crumpled bills, and the hope that something spectacular (and cheap) would catch her eye.

While Georgia read the backs of craft kits to check for levels of ease and amusement... 

.... Josie was evaluating the ratio of money spent to entertainment to be had: 

We were nearing the end of the store and preparing to make our second loop, when Georgia eyed a kid-sized rug-hooking kit with a soccer ball theme:

I helped her figure out the mental arithmetic involved with the purchase and we determined that even with the hole punch, she still had enough money for the kit.  

And with that... her birthday money was spent!

Josie, on the other hand, had not found anything worthy of her $6 and she couldn't decide whether or not to be angered by this fact:

Sometimes, it's just as hard to spend money as it is to save.

We went up to the counter and I let Georgia take care of her own transaction.

She put the items on the belt, watched to make sure that they added up correctly...

and handed over her gift cards (plus .16 for tax)

Who knew that a trip to Michaels could provide such great lessons in shopping, saving and general finance?  


Angie said...

Ah, glad she found her some birthday goodies. My daughter loves to get gift cards just because she loves to go pick out stuff and spend them!

Martha said...

Gift cards really are great, aren't they? They make great presents, especially for the older kids.

The Royal Couturier said...

how nice ! i never got a giftcard!
i love how she picks the stuff really carefully . i always do that when I'm buying stuff , but sometimes it causes a headache when i don't have enough money to buy everything , and have to pick this or that !
my birthday was 2 days ago :D
still no gifts yet !

i haven't been to this blog for so long , it's so weird cause im following it and i dont get the updates !

Martha said...

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you get lots of presents soon! Secondly .... no update notifications? What's going on? Blogger has been wacky lately. My header photo has been tiny for months with no relief in sight. I get notification when you update your blog. In any case, welcome back!

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