Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

We welcomed in the New Year the way we always do... with friends & dinner at our house.  We have been following the same New Year's Eve pattern for years now:  we all meet up around 5:00, feed the kids pizza and then stick a movie in the dvd player and have "parent time" for the next two hours.  The children are older now, so the need for two hours off from their hassle is not so necessary, but the formula still works and we don't mess with it.  This year, just to mix things up a bit, Henry and I made the children a string maze, but I will tell you about that in another post.  This is my New Year's Eve party post and I will concentrate on that!  

While the children ran around like banshees, the adults enjoyed cocktails and appetizers in the kitchen.

All the children, except Lauren, who is much too sophisticated to run around like a banshee and who instead, enjoyed cocktail hour in the arms of her mother.  

The girls stopped through the kitchen periodically to check up on us.  There were 13 children all together this year (down from the 16 we had last year) and we are very fortunate that they all get along.

I was still tired from hosting Christmas this year, so I asked everyone to help pitch in and bring a dish.  I called it "pot luck" but the only person who lucked out was me... I'm the one who did zero cooking.  Larisa brought an amazing tenderloin which she cooked on the spot and Janet brought an equally amazing eggplant dish.  Kathy brought the salad, Fay brought potatoes gratin and I was responsible for the appetizers (which were cheese and crackers) and the dessert (which I bought from a bakery because I was too lazy to bake).  I got off pretty easy with the entire event.  

I did provide the cocktails, which could be argued are the most important part of the party.

The K boys arrived a little late to the party because of hockey.

Lauren was pretty excited to see them....

... as was I.  It had been awhile since I had gotten a chance to talk to them.  Actually, I felt happy to see all the children who came to our house this New Year's Eve.  Years ago, it would have been strange to go a week without interacting with these 10 children, but now, our busy schedules have put an end to the  leisurely afternoons spent playing with our friends.  I miss those good old days.

Josie modelled the string left over from the maze:

which was a good signal that the children were ready for the movies.  We put one movie on for the girls in the family room and one movie on for the boys in the basement.

Lauren joined the girls, naturally...

We had a wonderful evening and everyone stayed up way too late -- the perfect New Year's celebration, no?

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