Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pajama Day

The week before Christmas break, Josie's class held a pajama day performance in their classroom.  The kids (and their teacher) got to wear their pajamas and slippers to school and the parents got to come watch their first graders sing some holiday songs and do an art project.  Josie had been waiting for this day all fall because - for the first time ever - she was actually going to get to wear SLIPPERS instead of sneakers with her pajamas.  Apparently wearing sneakers on pajama day is a horrific indignity to a first grader.  Who knew.

The children started the performance by singing and signing, "God Bless America."  

And then they moved on to such holiday favorites as "Must Be Santa" and "10 Little Menorahs."

 After the parents had gotten their fill of first grade cuteness, the children divided up and began a craft:

Josie made a "candy cane" out of beads and pipe cleaner.

The craft activity lasted approximately 32 seconds...

the party was moving right along.

And then!  To what should Josie's wondering eye appear?

A miniature sleigh and 8 tiny reindeer?  No, even better!  Josie noticed a crowd of her peers forming around the teacher's desk....

within seconds, she had tossed that bead candy cane in my general direction and high-stepped it over to see if her instincts were correct...

Yep!  Josie - never one to miss out on a snack - had discovered hot chocolate and munchkins.

A fitting end to a fun-filled afternoon.

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