Thursday, January 12, 2012

Skating With The Southerns

We were so excited to host the family Christmas at our house this year.  We thrilled about not having to fly or drive to our holiday and we were eager to show off Winter New England to our various warmer-weather relatives.  Lily and Avery were equally excited to do some sledding and witness a blizzard.  


And I mean alas for Lily and Avery;  I am personally thrilled that there was no snow or blizzards in our home state at the time of the Southern's arrival.  I am still recovering from the nightmare that was our last snow-filled winter and I would be perfectly happy if we just skipped the whole snow thing this year.  

I hoped that Lily and Avery weren't too disappointed by the lack of snow on the ground.  To make up for the lack of outdoor entertainment, we took the girls to an indoor ice rink to give them a taste of what New Englanders do in the winter.....   and low and behold!  Snow!  The Elliot children watched with amusement as the Southerns got giddy over the Zamboni shavings.  Silly Southerns.

Within minutes of arrival, the Elliots had their skates on and were moving around the ice:

Lily and Avery - who in their defense had only skated once before in their entire lives - were a little more hesitant to begin:

Gordy joined them and lent a balancing arm:

Avery tried to look the other way whenever her six year old cousin cruised by her.

Or when Henry looped around her backward.

The Southerns impressed us by their determination to skate.

They quickly graduated from holding onto the wall, to holding on to Gordy and then to being able to actually glide.  It was quite impressive, really.  It takes most people a few lessons to even move away from the door.

By the end of the hour, both Lily and Avery were gliding along, on their own, and keeping time with the music.

I think they'd better move up to New England, pronto!  They'd fit right in!

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