Thursday, January 19, 2012

Winter Break in Maine

We made our annual winter trip to Maine last weekend.  While Gordy was in San Francisco cheering on his beloved 49ers, the children and I were sledding at my parents' house.

It was cold but sunny:  the conditions were perfect for outdoor sports.

It had snowed a day or two before we arrived and then it froze, so my parents' backyard was like a solid sheet of ice.  The children could start at the top of the hill and sail for hundreds of feet to the bottom.

It was too icy to make snow angels, but that doesn't mean that Josie didn't give it a try.

My mother and I did a few sledding runs, ourselves.  

And we all stopped to watch this woodpecker find some bugs for dinner:

Maine was very cold over the weekend.  When we woke up on our second day, the temperature read negative 8.  The children still went out to sled, but I stayed inside and watched them from the window.  They came in an hour later with the rosiest cheeks you could imagine.

My mother had an art project planned and the girls got down to painting as soon as they got their snow gear off and put away:

and they spent a good part of the afternoon playing dress-up with my mother's random collection of costumes and nightgowns.

Later that afternoon, we went skating at a local, outdoor ice rink.  We weren't familiar with the rules of the rink, so we hadn't brought any hockey sticks.  Henry was disappointed to find other people shooting pucks when we arrived.  Luckily for him, one of the men skating offered Henry the loan of his stick and Henry spent our ice session happily scoring goals and winning imaginary Stanley Cups.  

The rest of us just skated and enjoyed the bright sunshine.

We returned to Granny & Grandfather's in time for some bonus sledding.  The sun was starting to go down and it was getting colder

We haven't had much snow in our home state this year - and I am absolutely not complaining.  That said, it was fun to travel North and enjoy a weekend of winter.


Lisa W.. said...

We haven't had any snow here in
NC either! I miss it - we need at least 1 or 2 snow days before the winter disappears!

Martha said...

My kids agree with you... but not me! I'd be happy to have a snowless winter. We're due for another few inches tonight, though, so I'm not getting my wish!

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