Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Coolidge Reservation

If you find yourself in Massachusetts and are looking for an easy and picturesque walk to entertain you on a mild day, The Coolidge Reservation is for you.

You park your car in the tiniest parking lot ever created and then walk a short distance, past a lovely pond...

... to the Great Lawn.

and what a Great Lawn it is.

There are massive trees to climb:

and gorgeous water views to admire:

and endless grassy surfaces to cart-wheel upon:

We visited the Rez on Sunday - a brisk but sunny day.

We enjoyed the scenery and spent a few quiet moments hoping to see a seal or two:

and we allowed an annoying camera-toting mother to take our picture by the ocean:

and then there were more trees to climb ....

and a game of soccer ball kick with one's father:

I sat in the middle of the lawn and watched the kids (and Gordy) enjoy the open space.  There had been Much Whining when this excursion was announced over breakfast that morning and I was enjoying the ability to say "I told you it was an easy walk"  and "I told you it would be fun."

We had been to The Coolidge Reservation a few times before, but not for a long while.  I'm pretty certain that the last time we enjoyed the Great Lawn, we were pushing a jog stroller up the path.

After a few minutes of gloating, I convinced Josie to walk along the old mansion house's foundation path with me.  

It had the tranquil quality of a maze or labyrinth even though it was almost entirely straight lines and right angles.  

We didn't stay for too long - just long enough for the children (and Gordy) to get some fresh air and much-needed exercise before we went to the movies and sat still for two hours.  But I'm glad we made the effort, nonetheless.  

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