Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dance With Your Daddy All Night Long (Or Not)

Friday night was our town's greatly anticipated Daddy Daughter Dance.  We rearranged Georgia's soccer practice schedule so that she wouldn't miss even one single dance and Gordy was careful to leave work on time.

Georgia and Josie got into their finery right after dinner and posed for me in our living room.

Which was the moment that Gordy chose to come in and present the girls with his big surprise:  corsages!

They were SO thrilled.

Henry and I wished them well and encouraged them to move quickly out of the door.

We had a Mother Son movie night planned and some popcorn to eat.

Henry chose Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and I happily went along with his plan.

Who could object to 2 hours of Harrison Ford?

And exactly two hours later, the girls and Gordy arrived back home, exhausted and all danced-out.

You may remember that last year, Georgia all but refused to dance (or be seen with) Gordy and not much had changed this year.  Josie danced a number or two with her father, but for the most part the girls abandoned Gordy at the door and hung out with their friends.   Luckily, Gordy knew plenty of other daughter-less fathers who he could talk to so he didn't have to be a wall-flower.

Both Georgia and Josie reported that dancing with their friends was tremendous fun.

The busy day of school and dancing was too much for Josie.  She collapsed moments after getting back into our kitchen....

only to find her second wind when Georgia offered to demonstrate to me the dance moves of Cotton Eye Joe:

I have no idea what where this "dance" is from or how my girls know the steps, but that swinging of the lasso part gets me every time.  I could barely contain my laughter.

My sister, Elizabeth, asked me if this would be Georgia's last Daddy Daughter Dance considering the fact that she seems to be resisting the whole Daddy Dancing aspect of the evening, but my answer was that I just don't know.  

I'm not sure that Gordy will be at all disappointed to end the tradition (with Georgia, mind you, Josie isn't about to miss a dress-up function any time soon).  I asked Gordy how many of these dances he had gone to over the years and his answer was five.  But when I went through our albums, I discovered that he was off by two years.  In reality, this was his third dance:



Cute, huh?  

So we will all have to tune in next year to find out what happens.  Will the worldly and sophisticated fourth grader want to attend the Daddy Daughter Dance or will she join her mother (and no doubt furious) brother on the couch for a movie?  Only time will tell!

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