Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Girls Weekend

Henry had a hockey tournament on Martha's Vineyard this weekend and Georgia had a soccer practice Friday night and a soccer game on Saturday morning.  Gordy and I were, once again, forced to split up and head in separate directions in order to guarantee that each child got to his/her activities.  

Since it was just the females left at home, we declared it a Girls Weekend and we celebrated the lack of testosterone by doing really girlie things.  

We started the day off by watching Girls Play Soccer.

We sat next to our Friends Who Are Girls and "watched" the match:

We got our nails done:

(nothing says girlie quite like the color puce, no?)

And in the afternoon, we settled down to watch girlie movies that, were he home, Henry would never agree to watch:

We chose "Bend It Like Beckham" which, although perfect for it's "Girls Can Play Soccer, too" theme, included Indian, British and Irish accents that Georgia and Josie had a hard time understanding.  Most of the jokes went whizzing over their heads and I spent a good deal of the movie explaining what was going on with the plot.

But that was okay - because the girls talking throughout a movie is something that Henry complains about endlessly, so therefore, It Was Girlie!  and perfectly appropriate for The Girls Weekend.

While we watched the movie, we stuffed our face with junk food:

Well, the girls, stuffed their faces with junk food.  I am on an Eat-More-Healthily kick so I purposefully bought the plastic-tasting Pinwheel cookies instead of the superior Mallomars, knowing that I've never been able to say no to the pathetic cries of a box of Mallomars.  Or Cadbury Mini-eggs, but that's another story altogether.

Poor Georgia woke up with a cold on Saturday and spent most of the day clutching a box of kleenex.  

Josie and I crowned her Supreme Miss Mucus and Georgia stood up to give her best imitation of the girls from Toddlers & Tiaras:

And then she sneezed to prove the validity of her title:

Josie, not one to be left out willingly, got up to wave to the audience, too.

After our movie, we got take out take out food and enjoyed a Girlie Dinner at home:

I put the girls to bed at a Very Girlie Early Hour (okay, maybe I'm getting carried away with the weekend theme).  And then I spent the evening watching episodes of Sports Night and Gavin & Stacey while texting back and forth with Gordy.  I'm not sure if my evening was very girlie, but it was relaxing in any case.

Henry's team had to play one last game on Sunday morning and then he and Gordy would have to pack up the car, catch the ferry back to the mainland and make the drive home.  We had approximately five hours left of The Girls Weekend, so we invited our friends Mia & Ella over for a playdate.

They look suspicious, do they not?

It was a lovely end to a relaxing weekend.  


Angie said...

Sounds awesome & I'm sure your girls REALLY enjoyed it!

Martha said...

We did, Angie! It was a good bonding experience and it was great to just slow down and spend time with each other. By the way, I didn't get a chance to comment but OMG did your daughter look BEAUTIFUL in her dress!!!

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