Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Making Auntie Anne's Pretzels

If you are a regular reader of this blog (and if you are, thank you so much!) you would not be remiss in thinking that life in the Elliot household is just one giant craft project.  But this train of thought could really be no further from the truth.  We are not particularly crafty people, although we have great respect for those people who are.  Our reality involves hours upon hours of sport practices, school, homework finishing and the childhood basics of eating, whining, fighting with siblings and the occasional moment of fun and merriment.  We are very normal and boring and that is okay with us.  

That being said, we have had an unusual amount of craft projects to post about lately.  I blame it all on Christmas and the birthday party that Georgia had recently, during which she received many craft / baking kits as presents.  We are slowly making our way through the great pile of project bounty.  

On Sunday, while I helped Henry with a 7 Wonders of The World project for social studies, Gordy supervised the making of Auntie Anne's pretzels with the girls.  

I passed this baking assignment off to Gordy since these were yeast-dough pretzels and I don't have the patience for long-term cooking projects.  Gordy doesn't either, but I figured it was his turn to suffer.

That is what modern-day parenting is all about.  

The instructions took longer to decipher than Gordy had imagined.  

And the mixing of the dough was arduous and sticky.

The kneading was a huge hit with the girls, though.

And everyone enjoyed rolling out the dough into snakes ... 

and bending those snakes into pretzel shapes.

I'm skipping the entire "rising" part which was harder than the directions made it out to be.  Auntie Anne suggests that we let the dough rise peacefully on a warm window sill, which in wintry New England is a hilarious thought.  Even in the summer, there are no warm window sills to be found at our house.  Auntie Anne must make her pretzels in the Land of Make Believe, the rest of us used a warming setting on our oven.

The finished product was a huge hit.  

The girls made a salt batch and a cinnamon sugar batch (or sim-i-mim, as Josie calls it)

One more project checked off the list!


The Royal Couturier said...

i want some pretzels , i never knew it can be bought it packs like that , i should search for it in the super market next time :))
again i didn't get your updates in my dashboard :S
can you check the members list to see if i'm following or not ? that thing is making me crazy :))

Angie said...

What a great project for the girls. My daughter would love something like that! I bet they had a blast. Kudos to Gordy for enduring the pain of rising yeast dough!

Martha said...

kem - you are still listed as one of my followers and your profile comes up. I get YOUR updates, so what is going on?!?! Blogger and I aren't exactly friends right now. My header has been messed up for months with no end in sight. Hopefully this is a glitch that will work itself out. Just to let you know, I usually post on sundays, tuesdays and thursdays.

Martha said...

Angie - Gordy thanks you for you kudos (ha ha). It wasn't his favorite activity of the weekend!

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