Thursday, February 23, 2012

Valentine's Day (a little late)

I am a little late getting my Valentine's Day post published.  I'm sorry.  I have no excuse.  On the 14th of February, the children woke up to presents on the breakfast table.  The two chocolate-eating children (aka the normal ones) got chocolate hearts and Henry received jelly beans.

The gifts weren't anything too crazy or extravagant.  Henry got a new case for his phone:

And Josie and Georgia both got a new piece of clothing (Josie a skirt and Georgia a sweatshirt).

All three children received money from Granny & Grandfather for which they were very grateful.  (even if they haven't written thank you notes, yet!)

Later that morning, I went to Georgia's classroom for a Valentine's Day Poetry Reading.

Georgia wore her new sweatshirt.

The third graders waited quietly for all the children and parents to arrive...

and then they began the program with a group poem during which the children held up signs with words that were found in the verse.

Georgia and her partner held up the phrase, "Come In!  Come In!"

Then the children broke into groups of twos and recited humorous poems to the audience.

Georgia (and her partner) did a fabulous job.

After the poetry reading was finished, the children high-tailed it back to their desks, as it was time for the parents to look through their child's poetry portfolio.  Georgia's folder included a poem about a mitten feeling depressed because it lived in a desert, and a poem about the winter.  I didn't take any photos of the individual poems, because I assumed Georgia would be bringing the portfolio home from school that afternoon.  I was wrong.  

Georgia is enjoying third grade.  She has a very kind teacher who Georgia informs me "never raises her voice."  The poor woman has to teach 23 nine year olds all by herself, so how she remains calm is anyone's guess.  We continue to love our "new" school - after a year and a half, do we maintain the right to refer to the school as new?  It's a warm and embracing place and very old-fashioned and homey.  We feel very lucky, indeed.

Hope you all had a good Valentine's Day, too.

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