Thursday, February 9, 2012

What I Miss Right Now

Do you know what I miss now that we are in the middle of the school year and dealing with the day to day hub-bub that accompanies school-age children?  I miss spontaneous fun. 

I miss the summer time when we have very few commitments and I miss warm weather.

There's really no better time then the carefree days of summer vacation.  There are no arguments about homework, no school projects to complete, no reason why you can't just run outside when it starts to rain and chase each other around the driveway while getting completely soaked.

My children are older now and they have responsibilities.  Not the mortgage-to-pay or mouths-to-feed type of responsibilities, certainly, but responsibilities nonetheless.

Sometimes I worry that my children are missing out on the joys of a totally unstructured childhood. 

Which is why, I love -- and miss -- summer so much.  I try to keep the summer schedule light and empty and yet summer never seems boring or purposeless.  

Summer is joyful, pure and simple.  And I can't wait until it returns.


Angie said...

I miss summer too. I was just thinking that yesterday :)

Martha said...

There must be something in the air!

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