Thursday, March 29, 2012

The First Grade Concert

Last night was the greatly anticipated First Grade Spring Concert.  Josie planned her outfit two days in advance and had the entire ensemble on and ready to go an hour before we were scheduled to leave our house.  

To kill the time, I took some photos of Josie to commemorate the moment.  Henry, as he is wont to do, joined in a few of them.  

This may only be our second year at our "new" school, but we have already learned the ropes.  If you want to get a seat in the auditorium, it's best to get to the concert early.  We arrived 30 minutes before the start and were pleasantly surprised to find three seats central to the stage.  We considered this lucky as the majority of the parents/siblings had to stand.

Georgia immediately whipped out her book and got down to business..... that is until I started reading over her shoulder, read two swear words and an inappropriate subject matter in one paragraph and therefore removed the book from her hands.  Guess I need to do a better job scanning the library books when the arrive home!  whoops!

Josie and her classmates arrived on stage just moments after I confiscated Georgia's book, so it wasn't really a huge problem.   That's not to say that Georgia didn't protest vociferously and complain about precious reading time being wasted.

The First Graders performed seven short songs.

Many of the songs included instruments or hand movements.... or both:

In the below photo, the children had to pretend to be asleep.

As you can see, Josie took the assignment seriously.... so seriously that later on, she informed me that pretending to sleep made her tired.  As in too tired to put on her pjs, brush her teeth and get into bed.  

I've said it before, but I'll say it again.... this music teacher is fantastic.  Her song selections are cute without being corny and sweet without being sappy.   She gives every child a chance to play an instrument and you can tell that the students are having fun.

Josie certainly had a great time.  She didn't seem nervous or anxious at all.  

After all that preparation and anticipation, the concert probably seemed pretty short.

After the performance, we met Josie back in her classroom and I took one more photo.

It was our last First Grade Concert.... luckily it was a good one!


Les @ LPN Salary said...

Congratulations are in order then? For the first grade concert and then graduation soon? Hehe. Don't really know you but the pictures looked interesting so I popped in.

And you pulled a fast one on your tween on that book!

Martha said...

Thank for your congratulations! Come by again and I'm always happy to see a first-time commenter!

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