Sunday, March 18, 2012

How To Make A Leprechaun Trap

Need to make a Leprechaun Trap?  Perhaps your 1st grade teacher has assigned this task for homework and you have no idea how to begin?   Well, luckily for you, Josie teacher gave her the exact same assignment and she is happy to demonstrate how a Leprechaun Trap is made.

First, you need to get a tomato sauce jar from your recycling bin and wash off the label.

You may need a sharp, metal, cooking implement to make the process go more smoothly.

While your clean jar dries, sneak up to your father's closet and choose 10 of the shiniest pennies from his change box:

Assemble your supplies.  In addition to the jar and pennies, you will need pipe-cleaners, green paper, a pen, a pair of scissors, a bell and something soft for the Leprechaun to land on (we used bubble-wrap).

Carefully measure the pipe-cleaners so that they are long enough to hook over the opening of the lid.

Next, place the bubble-wrap and pennies into the bottom of the jar.  The shiny pennies will attract your common house Leprechaun and entice him to enter the jar:

The bubble-wrap will protect the Leprechaun from hurting himself when falling into the jar.  We are not cruel people, after all.

Begin assembling the ladder using two long pipe-cleaners and four short "rung" pipe-cleaners.


Next, hang a bell from the inside of the jar, which when hit by a falling Leprechaun, will ring and alert nearby humans.

Alerted humans will then remove the ladder THUS trapping the greedy Leprechaun in the jar.

Because Josie believes in fair play (and because her teacher's instructions insisted upon it), she added a warning sign:

The Leprechaun Trap should be self-explanatory, but just in case, write out directions to maximize trap-buyer success:

Decorate your jar in a Leprechaun-appealing way.  Josie used green paper to make shamrocks.

And you are finished!  Good job!


elisabethellington said...

Josie did a marvelous job, but can I just say: elementary school homework makes me CRAZY? This is the kind of project that we just don't do at our house. (Or if we did it, it would be the most half-assed thing imaginable.) I have actually sent notes to teachers before explaining that we can't do assignments like this in our home because we are too busy therapeutically parenting our children. LOL.

Martha said...

I don't blame you. I mean, really, a leprechaun trap? Who dreams this stuff up? And what is the academic point to this craft?

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