Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Josie's Friend Party

Josie had her friend party on Sunday.

Having the party less than two weeks after her actual birthday was an impressive feat considering that it took us over two months to plan / execute Georgia's friend party.

Josie chose to have her party at Art Beat and I was thrilled to hand over to them all the party prep and hard work.

We got to the studio early - arriving separately because of sport commitments.  Henry came straight from a hockey game and Georgia came straight from lacrosse practice.

Art Beat parties are well-planned.  As the guests arrive, they are each given a paper place mat to color.

Josie invited seven girls to her party, but only five were able to attend, so we weren't exactly a large group.  

The birthday girl got to choose a craft ahead of time for her guests to work on.  Josie chose a sand art, unicorn box.  The children listened to the instructor explain how the craft was going to work and then they got right to work.

Step one:  use dabbers to decorate the box.  The use of dabbers was an added birthday bonus as far as Josie was concerned.  She loves these things.  I should write "she loves these horrific, awful, evil things" because that is how I feel about them.  We had dabbers in our house once and my middle child used them to decorate more than just her paper.  

I found out the hard way that dabbers are both runny and water-proof.

Here is a picture of me remembering the nightmare that was The Day The Dabbers Were Thrown Away.

Yes, Josie, to you, it was a sad day indeed.

This was, without a doubt, the quietest child's party I have ever attended.  While the girls (and Henry) worked on their boxes, the room was almost completely silent.  The children all seemed to be enjoying themselves, but I could have used a little more pep or some catchy music to listen to.  It was so quiet in the room that I assumed the worst and figured that the entire party was a bust.  

Our past experiences with children's parties suggest that they are hectic and raucous.  During one outdoor party that we threw for Henry, there was actual wilding.  At most parties, there is usually at least one child who could politely be described as Over-Excited To Be There and that is the child that ramps up the volume and chaos.  Unless you are a parent of young children, you are probably blissfully unaware that children's parties often include the elementary-school equivalent of a toga-wearing, funnel-chugging frat boy.  And it's the presence of that one child who causes parents around the country to reach for the vodka once the party is over.

But the loud, trouble-maker was noticeably absent at Josie's party this year.  This party seemed more like a Circle meeting at church than Spring Break at Daytona Beach.  The girls were mellow and focused on the task at hand and while I enjoyed the peace, I admit I was more than a little unnerved.  Maybe we needed a mini-frat boy to make the party fun?  Was this party too dull?

After the sand art had been completed, we got out the cake and hoped that a little sugar rush might improve the situation:

Have I ever mentioned that many of Josie's classmates call her by her proper name, Josephine?  

After food and drink - and a quick bathroom break - the party was over.  

As we walked back to our car, I wondered what Josie would say about her party.  Did she think that it had been too quiet and boring?

It ends up the answer was no.  Josie said it was a fabulous party and that she had had a blast.  

I'm happy that I was wrong!

I guess Church Ladies are the new black of parties.

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