Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Magic Wings!

I wrote briefly about our trip to Magic Wings over February vacation, but I wanted to post more photos from the adventure.  Magic Wings is about 90 minutes from our house and I had never heard about it before googling "massachusetts kids activities," on my computer.  I was looking for a day trip that would entertain all three children, thus saving me from a day of listening to "what can I do" whines from dawn until dusk.

Magic Wings was perfect.

First of all, it was gloriously warm and sunny inside the green houses and we were thrilled to escape the freezing cold, wintry outside.  We admired Magic Wings' extensive frog collection before entering the main enclosure.  

I should pause for a moment and tell you that we have been to butterfly habitats before and have found most of them fairly boring.  Why did I pick to go Magic Wings, then?  The answer is that it was far away, so far away that we would be forced to use up a large chunk of the day just driving back and forth, and it just looked different from all the other butterfly places.  Magic Wings looked bigger and more organized and thankfully, the pictures did not lie.

Magic Wings was big, and it was organized and it was FULL of butterflies.  The second we walked in, we practically had to duck to avoid the thousands of butterflies who were enjoying their gorgeous home. In addition to being a buttery fly habitat, Magic Wings could also pass as a botanical garden - the sheer number of exotic, butterfly-friendly plants and flowers was amazing.

Josie was determined to have a butterfly land on her during her day at the habitat, so she spent large quantities of time doing this:

which led Henry and Georgia to splinter off from our little group and explore on their own away from embarrassing little sisters:

The air was thick with butterflies and the plants were too:

We did one complete loop of the greenhouses (yes, there are two) before Josie chose a peaceful spot to sit and wait for the butterflies to land.

There were plenty of other things to look at, as well.  There were birds walking around the floor, a tortoise, lizards and other such things.

The sheer number of butterflies was staggering, but none felt like landing on us:

and we certainly did try.

Henry and Georgia eventually joined Josie and I as we waited patiently on a bench, hoping that a butterfly might mistake us for a non-moving part of the garden and land on our arm for a nap.

The girls look bored and annoyed in the above photo, but these were just their statue faces.  

Sitting still suits Henry and Josie, but Georgia.... not so much.

After a while, Georgia was forced to get up and move.  She kindly demonstrated what it would look like if two of the bigger butterflies were to carry her off by her pigtails:

Sadly, no butterflies were enticed to try this circus stunt.

We gave up on having a butterfly land on us and moved over to watch one of the habitat employees show off an Australian walking stick bug:

Both girls got a chance to hold the insect and ask a lot of questions.  Holding this creature helped make up for the lack of butterfly attention.

But that's not saying that the girls gave up trying:

Magic Wings was fantastic.  I recommend it highly.  After we left, we ate a delicious lunch in the nearby mountain town and then picked up dessert at a homemade chocolate store.  

No one whined, no one was bored and there was natural beauty and chocolate involved.  What more could you want from an outing?


Day2DayPrinting.com said...

Magic Wings sounds like a very delightful place to visit. I have never been to a park that had thousands of butterflies flying around, but at the same time the thought of insects swarming all over me has me a bit on edge, even if they happen to be beautiful butterflies.

Martha said...

Oh, believe me, I'm right there with you! But somehow, butterflies are the most non-insect-y of the insects. For the most part, the place was quite beautiful. It was only unnerving when the enormous butterflies floated (or zoomed) by. I kept thinking they were bats!

Thanks so much for stopping by and for leaving a comment! Come back soon.

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