Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Meet My Nephew!

Isn't he cute?

Oh!  Have you heard?  Elizabeth and Sean are having a baby!  And it's the boy kind, which is very rare in Elliot-land.  Henry was beyond thrilled to find out that he will no longer be the only grandson.

I think my nephew looks a little like Josie did in her first ultrasound photo.  Which makes perfect sense since Josie looks very much like Elizabeth.   

And if my nephew's photo isn't cute enough, look at this:

Elephant booties!  

Just look at those trunks!  Look at those eyes!  Behold those wonderful, elephant-y ears!  How could I resist!

There is nothing more adorable and more purchase-able than newborn baby things.

Elizabeth and Sean are expecting their son's arrival in August, so prepare yourself for a photographic overload.  It's been 7 years since I've had access to a baby and I'm planning to get my fill!


Tara said...

WONDERFUL NEWS! Please give Elizabeth my love and congrats! Those booties are fabulous-I agree, totally irresistible.

Anonymous said...

I got a little nervous when I saw that title! Booties are adorable!

Martha said...

Thanks Tara! I'll pass along your congrats!

Martha said...

Did you think the baby had been born? Eck! That would be scary!

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