Thursday, March 1, 2012

The New York Post (Part 2)

When we left off at the last post, our family were in Manhattan and headed North.  Where were we headed?  Carl Schurz Park.  

Carl Schurz Park might not be on the list of every tourist visiting New York City, but we wanted to pass my old apartment on 82nd Street and see the apartment on East End Avenue where Gordy's parents brought him home from the hospital.  What do these two places have in common?  They are both across the street from Carl Schurz Park and Gordy and I figured that if we told the kids we were going to a playground, they will overlook their parents crazy obsession with taking pictures in front of strange apartment buildings.  

We were right.

A stop-over at the playground was exactly what the children needed.  

After playing for awhile amongst city children, we made our way over to the subway and headed downtown to Dylan's Candy Bar (and Bloomingdales, my favorite department store where we used the bathrooms and bought Georgia a pair of pants since the jeans I packed her where hurting her legs).

Dylan's Candy Bar did not exist when Gordy and I lived in New York.  When we got a candy craving, we would go to one of 100 World of Nuts stores and buy some non pareils.  

The children liked Dylan's Candy Bar, but they did not love it.  The candy was mostly gummy in nature and it wasn't the endless selection promised.  The candy store on Block Island is better.  

That night, we went out to dinner and then to Times Square to show the children the lights and mayhem.  I had never been to Times Square at night because when I was growing up, Times Square was a place tourists avoided like the plague (unless you wanted to go to peep shows or get mugged) and when I was living in New York, Times Square was a tourist-y place that native New Yorkers avoided like the plague (unless you wanted to see tourists or get your pocket picked).  

I'm not sure if the children really enjoyed Times Square.  The lights were interesting but it was crowded and we were exhausted from all the day's walking.  We didn't stay very long.

The next morning, we headed south on the subway to The Brooklyn Botanical Garden - a place I fondly remembered visiting as a child with my family.

Except that when we arrived, nothing looked familiar at all.  It ends up that it was The NEW YORK botanical garden I had visited as a child, not the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.  Whoops!

The Brooklyn Botanical Garden was still really beautiful and I think the children enjoyed getting outside and communing with nature.

We went inside the green houses and saw the tropical and dessert displays:

I practiced my photography by taking some up-close flower photos:

and I practiced my portrait photography by taking photos of the children enjoying the gardens:

The desert greenhouse was definitely my favorite:

But the children liked the discovery garden which was outside and filled with lots of digging and water activities for children:

I would still like to take the children to the New York Botanical Gardens, but we had a good time at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, nonetheless.

Our trip to New York was a quick one.  After a quick trip to get bagels (the first "real" bagels my children have ever eaten), we headed back to Penn Station and caught our Amtrack train home.

Hopefully, we were the only ones who caught the train home.  We think we got home without bedbugs, but only time will tell.  In the meantime, I've been doing a lot of laundry using a lot of very hot water!

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