Sunday, March 11, 2012

Our Weekend In Pictures

Friday afternoon 3:30pm:  bring Josie to tennis

5:30pm:   arrive home to find only remnants of Georgia who has already left for soccer practice.

6:00pm, sit down with Blood Orange Martini and gossipy magazines and wait for dinner to be cooked.

Saturday morning, 6:30am:  The early risers snuggle and watch bad 1980's movies.

8:30am:  half of us leave for soccer game.

10:30am:  Henry and Gordy leave for hockey game

11:00am:  We all meet up at the hockey rink to watch Henry play hockey

12:30pm:  decide to tackle the above laundry-room nightmare.

1:00pm:  Gordy decides to tackle his own nightmare, the taxes

2:30pm:  Bring down Boy Baby Clothes from attic and begin to sift through them for Elizabeth and Sean.

7:20pm:  Gordy and I leave for a dinner and movie date.  We saw "Friends With Kids" which was wonderful. 

Sunday, 8:30am:  Henry starts his homework.  Don't let that smile fool you, he wasn't happy about the situation.

9:30am:  Josie and Gordy pick up the birthday cake for Josie's friend party.

11:50am:  Henry and Gordy leave for a hockey game.

1:00pm:  Josie and I bring Georgia to her lacrosse practice.

4:30pm:  Josie blows out the candles of her birthday cake at her friend party.

5:45pm:  We eat dinner at the fancy restaurant, Whole Foods.

6:00pm:  We are done.

Good night!

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