Thursday, March 8, 2012

Playing Hookey

It was SOOO beautiful yesterday.  The sun was out, it was a warm 55 degrees, and spring was definitely in the air.  We had no choice but to skip Josie's ballet lesson and play outside.  

Really.  We had no choice.

Josie took out her new birthday present - a Razor 360, which is a large Big Wheel that randomly spins you around in circles as you drive.  

I hadn't seen the "bike" in action yet, so both girls gave me a demonstration.

and then I insisted on giving it a try.

You can hear the Wicked Witch of the West music playing in the background as you watch me peddle, can't you?

duh da duh da DAA da!

The ride was highly amusing.  I am thinking about getting one for Elizabeth's partner, Sean, next year for Christmas.  Whoops!  Sean - forget you read that!

I, very begrudgingly, allowed the children to use their toy.

Until I saw them spinning around dual-action-style... 

did I stop them and say "TOO DANGEROUS!"?  


I wanted to try.

Who would ever have thought that 55 degrees would give me such a case of spring fever.

We attracted a crowd of neighborhood kids, so I had to relinquish the razor once again.  I went inside but not before I reminded the children to put away all the bike gear before they came in.  

Tomorrow is supposed to be another warm day, but I'm sure the day after that it will be snowing and the snow plow will need a clear surface to do it's job.

That's the way it is here in New England.  

You have to take advantage of the good weather when you have it.

They aren't kidding when they say "if you don't like the weather, wait a minute, and it will change."


Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

Looks like fun! Might have to get one of those for my girls (& me!). ;-)

Martha said...

You should. You (I mean they) will like it!

Angela said...

Oooh, I know a boy who would love one of those! Fun!

Martha said...

It was REALLY fun! I actually got one for Josie because I was having a hard time coming up with present ideas for her this year (which is very strange!). It was a gamble that paid off!

Julie said...

That bike looks like a ton of fun. Do you think it would be a good present for a five-year old boy? I think your girls are a bit older.

Martha said...

Yes! Definitely! Your son would love it.

Thanks for stopping by!

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