Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Mornings

Early on Sunday mornings, while their mother is upstairs, asleep in bed, four of the Elliots gather in the kitchen to make breakfast.

Eggs are cracked:

Milk is measured:

And batter is whisked:

Not all Elliots are actively helping:

But their presence is mandatory, nonetheless.

If it is a truly GOOD Sunday morning, then there are chocolate chips involved:

... and samples to be eaten.

Finally, it's time to heat up the griddle and get the party started:

And apparently, it's quite a party:

Oh, the wild things that happen while Mother is asleep!


Elizabeth said...

I just noticed the flying pancake in that one picture...Gordi has skillz!

Martha said...

yes! I loved that photo!

Aaron said...

I am fairly certain that Gordy's t-shirt is the same In-N-Out t-shirt he wore in our apartment some 16-18 years ago. Could that be?

Martha said...

ha! It's certainly possible... but he does have a few of those and I think more than one has been retired during my tenure. Gordy is not known for throwing things away, that's for sure.

Aaron, did you see the photos I posted of your old apartment? If not, page down to the New York Posts.

It looked exactly the same!

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