Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ta Da!

I'm so happy to announce that our master bedroom remodel is finally (almost) finished!

For the last two years, Gordy and I have been spending our nights in here:

a large, empty, cavernous place.  (hmm.  That photo makes the room look a whole lot neater than I remember!)

Our bedroom is an oddly-shaped square.  There are four dormer windows that eat up a lot of wall space and I certainly never knew what to do about them.

(now there's that cluttered look that I remember!)

I am a bad, bad, decorator.  I have zero decorating skills and I am terribly un-gifted when it comes to measuring or getting furniture proportions correct.  When we moved into our house two years ago, I knew that I wanted the house to be more "adult" than our previous homes, and I knew that no amount of flipping through house magazines hoping for inspiration was going to help me.  Instead, I hired an amazing decorator and she has been working her way through our major rooms.

And thank heavens for that because just look what I was using as a tv cabinet!

Furniture by Plastic Bin is never a good statement.  You never see those in House Beautiful!

Juliane hooked us up pretty quickly.  We went from empty shell to a sitting area in a matter of weeks:

Juliane taped off places where sconces would go and art would hang.

A vanity was added to our room (please remember this piece later).

A few weeks later, a carpenter arrived to fill in two of the dormer windows with a built-in bookcase / dressers:

And he put window seats on the opposite sides:

The painter arrived, the Man Who Hangs The Drapes (the draper?) did his work, a carpet was laid down and bedding assembled and VOILA!

Gorgeous bedroom!

We now have funky, hanging lights by our bed, thus freeing up valuable book space on our bedside tables:

It's amazing how cozy a room gets once you soften things up with fabric and rugs.

Our built-ins are still a little bare, and it will take me years to assemble knick-knacks.  I'd be able to fill the spot up with books in a second, but when I did so, I lost a great deal of the decorator-y look that I was after.

Here is our new seating area:  

From the photos, it looks like these chairs are pushed up against the bed, but that's not the case.  There is a healthy-sized path back there.

We have gone from spending very little time in our room, to hanging out and communing with our new furniture as often as possible.

The only unfinished item?

The vanity went home with a faux-painter who is kindly painting it a soft wood color to match the tv cabinet.  It will go against this wall and have the above chair next to it.  

And of course, wall art.  That would be nice, but that will have to wait awhile.

Until the coffers refill, I'll just enjoy the beauty of this:

There are worse things!


Tara said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE!! (and hugely jealous!!) When can I come visit? Those chairs look perfect for some serious girly-movie watching (with Mallomars and Snow-caps, of course!)

Martha said...

Thank you! Come visit now! You are so right about the movie watching and mallomars! that would be an ideal activity!

marlee said...

It is so lovely! The color palette is really gorgeous. Is that a Pottery Barn headboard? I have one covered in a taupe linen (boring) that looks like it has the same lines. You have inspired me!

P.S. I followed your from your link over on oss... Glad I did.

Lisa said...

Beautiful!! We inherited my in-laws' former home and I am still trying to figure out what to do with the wood paneling! I am not a decorator either and would love to hire someone to overhaul my house!

elisabethellington said...

Super pretty room!

Martha said...

Thank you, Marlee! The headboard is not from Pottery Barn - it was made by a local upholsterer here in Massachusetts. It might have been inspired by Pottery Barn!

Thanks so much for coming over to my blog. Isn't Oas great? I look at it far too often!

Come by again.


Martha said...

thanks, Lisa! Wood paneling is such a dilemma. I have friends have left it up and dark and others who have painted it white. Both ways look pretty.

I am such a horrendous decorator. I felt so lucky to be able to use a professional. The rooms she didn't touch now look very, very out of place.


Martha said...

Thank you, Elisabeth!

Tara said...

Great! I'm booking my tickets now...ok, that is, unfortunately, just not true. Nice idea though! Someday soon - we'll have to cue up "Shag, the Movie" and other classics ;) xx

The Royal Couturier said...

it was a beautiful room , just a little empty ! now it's super amazing ... i'm starting t be envious :P

congrats !!!

Martha said...

Thanks so much, Kem! You are right... with the right furnishings / fabrics, it's a fabulous space. Hope you are well!

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