Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Another Year, Another Attempt

It's spring!  The leaves are budding, the birds are chirping, flowers are popping out all over and The Elliots are preparing for all the joys of summer the best way we know how:

Another round of swim lessons for Josie.

In order to pass that dreaded Deep Water Swim Test at our pool, Josie has to be able to swim a perfect crawl from one vertical end of the pool to the other and then back again.  

She can not remove her ear from the water, her kicking has to be uniform, she has to take the proper number of breathes (not more or less) and she has to do the entire two lengths without stopping.

It's rather ridiculous, if you ask me.

I know for certain that if you are having distress in the water, you can easily get out of the pool using an imperfect stroke.  I'm not sure why our pool has instigated the policy of having to prove stroke perfection, but I assume it has to do with pool officials wanting to fill their swim classes with students.  

Josie knows how to swim.  She even knows how to do about 25 seconds worth of free-style but her ear often comes out of the water and she gets tired easily and needs to stop.

I have to admire her determination to succeed and her willingness to work on the problem, but in two sessions of lessons at a local University, I haven't seen much improvement.

I'm worried that if another summer passes and Josie doesn't succeed in passing her test, we are going to have a very discouraged little girl on our hands.

Her biggest obstacle is her lack of stamina, which I hope can be improved upon with practice.

So practice we will.  And in doing so, we hope she will gradually learn to swim two full lengths without stopping.  So far, she's only swam about 1/6th of a length.  I guess that's something.  

Josie is a hard worker and I know that she will eventually pass her test.  I just really hope that it happens this year!

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