Sunday, April 22, 2012

For The Grandparents

Over April vacation, Josie got her annual bob.

But this time, the hair-stylist did something a little different:

she cut, stylish, kick-y layers in the back thus making Josie the most hip member of our family.

Josie wanted everyone (her grandparents) to see her new look.

It's an adorable haircut and it even looked great the next morning when she woke up with a full bed-head:

I actually tried to discourage Josie from getting a short hair cut this year.  I was afraid that she would end up feeling disappointed that her hair no longer fits into ponytails or braids, but so far she loves her new length.  I pulled the front sections into a "whale's tail" at the top for soccer practice and her hair looked very sweet.  I like that Josie has definite ideas about her hair and that she sticks to her guns.  

We're ready for summer now!


Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

Cute! My middel one likes to keep her hair shorter, too, especially in summer. I think I am the only one who misses the ponytails and braids! :)

Love the new blog layout!

Martha said...

Thank you! I love her short haircut - and I'm happy to do away with the endless styling - I only worry about having her wear her hair "down" and getting lice. We have such a lice problem here in MA. We've been lucky so far, but I always have insisted on the kids wearing their hair up which I think helps.

I'm loving my new look, too! I hired a designer to help me update my look and I think she did a great job.

Gordy's Mom said...

Please tell Josie that her grandmother thinks she looks adorable with her new haircut. From the back, she also looked surprisingly Gordy-like. (You will remember that, to my endless regret, Gordy had very long hair during his early childhood in the 70s.) Please also tell Josie that I recently had my hair layered for the first time, but it looks nowhere nearly as good as hers. Gordy's Mom

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