Thursday, April 5, 2012

In Like a Lamb, Out Like a Lion

March was the strangest month here in the Northeast.  We had temperatures that hovered in the mid-eighties for the first two weeks.  80 degrees!  In March! In New England!  It's just totally unheard of!  The sun was warm and wonderful and all we wanted to do was be outside.  I felt like my Southern Sister Meredith, who often sends me text messages in February to inform me that the daffodils are blooming in her front yard.  We couldn't believe our good luck.... and then the frost reappeared and it was freezing for the last two weeks of the month.

Isn't the saying "In like a lion, out like a lamb?"

April has been more temperature appropriate and while I wouldn't call it warm outside, I have to admit that spring is definitely here.  I know I joke a lot and say there is no spring in New England, but this year I will happily eat crow.  It is actually SPRING in New England!

Yesterday, it was just warm enough for Josie to go coat-less and bare-legged to ballet class.  Warm enough, in Josie's opinion, that is.  I was wearing long pants, a sweater, a down vest and a scarf.  

We arrived downtown early, found a parking space and walked leisurely to the ballet studio.  

Our town has a beautiful river that leads to a pond with a waterfall.

Josie and I paused for a few moments to listen to the water cascading down the waterfall's steps and to watch Mr. & Mrs. Mallard swim in the water.

You can see that the weeping willow trees are starting to sprout.

Next, we ran down Main Street and mailed Henry's hockey forms for next year.

Please note the man in the winter parka in the above photo.  I'm pretty sure that at this very moment, Josie was running because she realized that it was way too cold outside to not be wearing her jacket.

Luckily for Josie, the ballet studio is close to that mailbox and soon we were back in the warmth and away from the strong wind.

I followed Josie into ballet, so I could take a few pictures of her warming up.

Georgia is not taking ballet anymore and neither girl is dancing in the spring performance this year. Josie was disappointed to be denied the acquisition of a new, pouffy ballet costume, but she probably won't miss the endless rehearsals and practices.  I know I won't.

Now that our children are involved in so many sports, Gordy has been lobbying for Georgia and Josie to quit ballet.  He seems to have convinced Georgia that it's the right thing to do, but Josie is stubbornly holding out.  And good for her.  I love that both girls danced for awhile and I'm thrilled that Josie wants to continue with her ballet lessons.  I love that she is being exposed to classical music and is being encouraged to express herself using music and movement.    

Ballet just seems like the prefect way to celebrate the spring.

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