Thursday, April 26, 2012

Josie's April Vacation

While the rest of us were vacationing at home and taking day trips to local historical sites, Josie went to the Bahamas ..... in her head.  One afternoon, using a cheap roll of paper from Ikea (probably the best purchase ever),  Josephine drew a picture of What She Did While On Her Imaginary Vacation.

Because she used a paper roll, Josie was able to draw the picture to scale.  Atlantis (where we went last year on April vacation) is a very, very large place.

Josie drew me, relaxing on a lounge chair and wearing a hat along with bloomers:

She drew herself, going down the slides approved for girls who may not be very tall:

And she drew Henry and Georgia on the Rapid River Ride - the only place she  that she ever actually saw her siblings, since they spent most of their time riding on slides for the older (read:  taller) guests.

Gordy could be found further along in the mural:

Josie drew him on the Leap of Faith which she accurately pictured resting directly on the surface of the sun.  Josie also put in sound effects just to give the viewer a realistic feel of the occasion.

Josie talks often about going back to Atlantis and she will even tell people that when she grows up, she would like to be a doctor in the Bahamas.

I encourage her dream because I'd love to visit her and be able to sit in the lounge chair for a while.  It's something to look forward to in 20 years!


Mlog and Clog said...

So cute! This makes me excited for my little one to start drawing!

Martha said...

Thank you! It is so fun to watch children draw and create. You'll love it. I went over to your blog and really enjoyed it, too. I loved the post about the corn maze - so funny!

Thanks so stopping by!

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