Sunday, April 15, 2012

Our Winter Report Card

I stared out our kitchen window this morning while I ate my breakfast.  It's spring and the trees are starting to bud.  Winter - and the fear of another year of ice dams - is over.  

So how did we do?  Did all the added insulation, the heated roof panels and the heated gutters work?  

Truthfully, we don't really know.  The good news is that we had a winter almost completely void of snow and ice.  The bad news (if there really can be anything bad about a winter almost completely void of snow and ice) is that we never had a real opportunity to test out our new ice dam prevention measures.

The heated gutters / roof panels did click on the few times that snow fell, which is promising, and I never once woke to the sound of water dripping out of my light fixtures.  That makes the winter season a good one, in my opinion.

Surviving this winter however, doesn't really prove that we won't get ice dams ever again, and that fact worries me slightly.

If we were to receive a grade on our winter report card, the best I think we could hope for is a B.  

I'm trying not to think about winter and ice anymore and with the beautiful budding trees outside my window, I'm not finding it difficult to shift my thoughts from cold to warm.

This process is a whole lot easier considering that the trees aren't only budding outside my home... 

Trees have also appeared inside our house as well.  The amazing artist, Heidi Newfell has been painting trees in our master bedroom hallway and creating our very own interior spring to mirror what is going on outside our window.

She finished the base coat of the trunks on Friday.  Even though it's impossible to tell from the photo, she sketched buds, flowers and leaves on each of the branches which will be painted in next week.

It's spring - inside and out!  Good-bye winter.  I really won't miss you at all.


Elizabeth said...

I like the indoor trees! Will they have leaves eventually?

Martha said...

yes... and flowers and a bird each!

The Royal Couturier said...

The trees on the wall will look AMAZING when they're done !

Martha said...

Thanks! i think so too.

elisabethellington said...

Super cool trees! I love it. We've had a weird winter here too--almost no snow. It's so dry we're already having prairie fires. Pretty scary. I've had to start watering the garden already, and I don't think I've ever started watering before June.

Martha said...

We need to water our garden, too - but haven't. I keep expecting it to rain. We usually have too much rain in April. It's been a strange year. I liked your family portrait!

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