Sunday, April 8, 2012

Preparing For The Easter Bunny

Because of Easter and Passover, Henry, Georgia and Josie had half of Thursday and all day on Friday off from school.  We all felt grateful for the break from our usual routine.  

We used part of our free time on Friday to dye our Easter Eggs and get into the Easter spirit:

Henry chose to remain in more of the Passover spirit and sit this egg-dying session out.  

That was fine with Georgia and Josie as it meant more eggs for them to color.

We're going to a neighborhood egg hunt on Sunday, so we only hard boiled a dozen eggs for dying this year.  Josie and Henry will both eat a few of them and whatever is leftover, I'll use to make egg salad for Henry's school lunches next week.  You couldn't pay me to eat either an egg or egg salad.  Yuck.

Our Paas kit came with 9 different colors.


It included the traditional primary colors and also a few pastels.  

The girls made a point of trying them all and using the enclosed wax crayon.

And that's the extent of both our Easter decorating and our Easter preparations.

Martha Stewart, I am not.


The Royal Couturier said...

I did the easter eggs coloring once in my life and it was great fun ! but mum's friend made amazing decorated eggs that day that we were too shy of our eggs =D

i love that light blue color in your eggs

Martha said...

Weren't those colors pretty? I liked the blue, too.

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