Sunday, April 29, 2012

Watching Lacrosse

Hockey season is finally over and we have re-entered the world of lacrosse. This year all three children are playing on lacrosse teams.

Henry is playing for two teams:  he plays goalie on one and middie/defense on the other.

On Saturday, Josie and I drove down south after her soccer practice to watch Henry play two back-to-back lacrosse games.

We arrived with just enough time to watch Henry's first game end in a tie.

His team was not as successful during the second game.

I missed a lot of the game because Josie had to be taken to the port-a-potty not once, but two times and the location of said P-a-P was not close to the action.

When she wasn't using the bathroom, Josie lay in the grass and watched YouTube episodes of "Say Yes To The Dress" on my phone.

I wasn't particularly pleased about her doing this.  I prefer the children to be away from computer screens and televisions - especially when we are outside - but the action on the field was pretty depressing and I was tired of listening to Josie ask what she could do.

Henry's town team is playing a lot better than they did last year, but they are still struggling.  Personally,  I think it's a good life lesson to lose games once in a while, but Henry completely disagrees with me.  He gets his competitive spirit from Gordy. 

It's easier to find some good in a situation from the sidelines, than from the playing field.

I liked the above photo because it shows the vast height differences in your 12 year old boy.  Height-wise, Henry seems to be in the middle.

Henry was very discouraged when the game ended and his team had lost so badly.  I gave him my best pep talk in the car on the way home, encouraging him to look for the positive and consider the any play time an opportunity to learn and grow.  I have never played any sports and there aren't many orchestra-based equivalents to losing game after game.  I'm not sure if my advice was really heard.  

Maybe the team will improve.


Angie said...

Shew with 3 kids playing you must be so busy. Lacrosse is one sport we don't have here in our area. I'm not sure why! Sorry to hear the team didn't do well. Kids are so competitive, mine are anyway. As a mom you hate to see them lose but you also know it's just part of life!

Martha said...

Losing is a hard thing to stomach when you are young, but I agree... it IS just part of life!

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