Tuesday, April 10, 2012

You Never Know What You Will Find (Installment 2)

After they finished dying their Easter Eggs, Georgia and Josie took inventory of the left-over supplies.  There was a clear wax crayon, some stickers to put into the art cupboard, some cardboard cutouts and a nifty metal utensil for removing the eggs from the dye cups.  I saw them studying this utensil for a few minutes and then they disappeared into the basement where we have a play room.

A few minutes later, this is what I found:

Using the egg spoon as a hook and string left over from our string maze party, the girls were pretending to be fishermen searching for fish for dinner.

It was obvious from the commotion that they had caught a big one.

It took both Georgia and Josie's power to pull their catch to the "shore."

What did they catch?

... and enormous alligator.

A few additional heaves, and they managed to real their catch in:

Dinner at our house!  Everyone is invited!


The Royal Couturier said...

Alligator on dinner !! :D

but seems like they had great fun !

Martha said...

They did have fun! And there's nothing like a peacefully occupied child in the house!

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