Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Boston Canons

Last night we took the kids - plus a friend of Henry's - to watch a Boston Cannon game at Harvard Stadium.  (The Boston Cannons are our local professional lacrosse team.)

We arrived early to eat dinner and watch the teams warm up.  We also got there early, since we know that different companies reward early-birds with free-bees at Professional Lacrosse Games.  Sadly, with the exception of a free bag of Pop-Chips, the give-aways were meager this time around.

Dinner was a variety of bbq ribs, hotdogs, pull-pork sandwiches and, in my case, plastic-y, cold pizza.

Harvard stadium food is not the worst, but it's nothing to write home about.

This was the girls' first professional lacrosse game.  We had taken them to a Professional Woman's Soccer game at Harvard Stadium a year or so ago, so they were familiar with the surroundings, but not familiar with the pageantry of men's professional sports.

For instance, both girls were shocked to see cheerleaders - especially considering that said cheerleaders were wearing leotards and little else and the temperature in Cambridge was just a smidge above freezing.  After an in-depth discussion, the sisters Elliot decided that these cheerleaders should be allowed to wear yoga pants and fleecy coats on cold days.

There was much to watch at the game, but Georgia bored easily and took out her book:

The rest of us watched some local youth lacrosse teams welcome the players onto the field:

and sang along to the National Anthem and then watched the face-off:

Georgia put her book away when the Cannons got their first goal and their cannon was shot into the air.

Loud cannon fire and the possibility of fried dough for dessert?  I guess Georgia realized that the game required her full attention!

As the sun went down, the stadium got colder and colder.  We were surprised to turn around and find some kids with their shirts off and their chests painted:

I had to record Georgia's reaction to the sight of her shirtless peers:

and she had to record my reaction to how cold I personally felt and how I wondered where the mothers of those shirtless boys could be:

The Cannons were winning and with each successive cannon fire, our children were getting more and more giddy.  They started doing a celebratory dance after each Cannon goal:

No one was more excited than Josie who did a combination of the twist and the sprinkler:

The Cannons beat the Charlotte Hounds 20-12 which excited everyone but me.  I have a serious sports-fan flaw:  I always feel poorly for the losing team.  Gordy says it's a real deficiency, but I think it just proves that I'm a caring person.

It was a late but really fun evening.  But the next time we go, I'm going to bring more blankets and smuggle in a sandwich!

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