Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It's Another Belated May Day

Our elementary school held it's May Day celebration a few weeks late (again) this year.  Is it because of the rain that plagues us each spring?  Is it because the administration knows that when there are only two weeks left of school, parents are trying to get all the loose ends finished and they get some sadistic pleasure out of watching us drop everything to come watch our children dance around in the dirt?  I don't know, but what I DO know is that instead of getting to the grocery store and bank or cleaning my home in anticipation of my in-laws arrival on Saturday, I was sitting under the burning sun and using my telephoto lens to watch my children "dance" around a may pole.

I know that I should be enjoying these moments because they will be over quickly - and I do, while I'm there - but I also can't help but wonder if the African Animal Day, the May Day Celebration, the Greek Toga Party, The 3rd Grade Breakfast and the Egg Cup Launch could maybe not be scheduled all at once at the end of school year.  Could we not have a few of these events during the long, miserable winter months?

It's just a suggestion.

But back to that telephoto lens I bought for my film camera back around 2003... what a great purchase THAT was!  

Josie's class sat in the front row and if I angled my camera over the man in front of me's right shoulder and zoomed past the six or seven heads that were in front of him, I could take some fabulous photos of my youngest child and her friends.

The children sang, they danced and we all listened to the school band play a few songs.

Next, the third graders and their kindergarten buddies came up to decorate the May Pole.

Whoops!  Got a head in there!  

Josie's class headed up to flag pole after it had been decorated:

They each grabbed a ribbon and danced to some toe-tapping country music.

And then they sat back down under the blazing sun to watch the rest of their school perform:

It was almost impossible for me to get a picture of Georgia.  Below is the best I could do, and it's really a good picture of Georgia's friend, Margaret, and not really a good one of Georgia:

The third graders "danced with sticks."  Their dance reminded me of the stick dance scene from the movie, "Bride and Prejudice."  

Oh!  Haven't you ever seen "Bride and Prejudice?"  It's the Bollywood version of Pride & Prejudice and it's wonderful.  Go rent it now!  I'll wait....

it's vitally important that you are be able to picture Georgia's stick dance.

After the third graders were finished, I stayed and watched the fourth graders do their May Pole weaving:

And I watched the fifth graders do their sword dance which ends in their making a six-pointed star.

The African Animal Presentation immediately followed May Day, so I high-tailed it to Josie's classroom right after the performance finished, but I took a moment to see the poetry projects in the gym first:

Georgia's above and Josie's below

I'm so excited that school is coming to an end.  I absolutely can not wait until summer vacation.  I can not wait to sit by the pool and read, to go to the beach, take day trips and just relax.  I won't miss the school projects, making lunches every morning or talking Henry off the ledge when he has too many homework assignments....

Two more weeks!


Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

Wow! I haven't seen anyone do a May Day celebration in a very long time. It looks very cool, even if it was one more thing to add to your schedule!

Martha said...

Our town is crazy about it's May Day celebration. All the elementary schools do some sort of dance around the May Pole. Before moving here, I thought May Pole dancing was some quaint, European custom.

It was cute and the kids loved it but of all the end-of-the-year festivities, it's probably the one I wouldn't have minded missing!

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