Thursday, May 24, 2012

Moogli's Professional Debut

This morning at precisely 10:30am, Josie presented her buffalo Moogli to the first grade.  

It was the first grade Africa Animal Presentation where the children sit at their desks and answer parental questions about the animal that they have researched and recreated.

Josie did not have her facts memorized and therefore, read from her fact sheet.

Moogli seemed very pleased with his debut:

I walked around and ooh-and-ahh-ed the other children's work.

My favorite was definitely Anna's hippos:

It was a genius idea to portray these hippopotamus' half-way under water.  There is nothing more impossible than making a heavy clay animal stay standing up on small, clay legs.

Case in point:

This poor clay cheetah had an accident on his way to the school building.  But don't worry!  The child who created the cheetah had an entire back story about how her cheetah was injured by a falling tree branch and now would have to rely on her pride to bring her food.

Good save, Elie!

Many children went the model magic clay route:

But some got very creative with paper mache and pipe cleaners:

Another favorite was the following paper-towel roll Ostrich:

You can't see the head, but it had googly eyes that were absolutely adorable!

The boy who made this snake told me that he used pizza dough to make the eggs - very  interesting!

And this was TWO baboons - a mother carrying a baby - and not one giant lump:

Not all the children made animals;  some first graders chose to make posters instead:

They were all creative and interesting and the kids got a kick of making their project and then presenting it to their parents.  

Moogli is probably on his way home now.  Instead of returning to the grassy plains of Africa, he will be living in the comfort of an air-conditioned, New England home. 

I hope he likes his new digs.

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