Thursday, May 3, 2012

Our Hall Forest Has Blossomed

The decorative painter / artist, Heidi, finished up our flowering tree forest in our bedroom hallway the other day, and I just had to take photos and share the results with you.

Our once long, narrow and dismal hallway is now light, airy and beautiful.

She did an amazing job, didn't she?

Heidi Newfell is responsible for painting/crafting many things in our house including:

this gorgeous mirror in my office.

It looks like beach glass, no?

and she painted this beautiful mirror in my powder room:

and she painted the buffet in my dining room:

Our decorator, Juliane has a vision and Heidi paints it to match.  

We feel so fortunate to have been able to employee the talents of them both.

I love all the decorative painting (and the stone gluing) that Heidi has helped us with, but my favorite is a piece that is entirely her own:

Heidi made this gorgeous, 3D painting for our entryway and it's beauty and spunk brings cheers us up every time we pass it by on our way out the door.

The decorating phase of our home is almost finished (for the time being).  It's been a fun but busy two years!


Angie said...

OMG- How gorgeous. She is a true artist. I LOVE that mirror and that butterfly piece. Your new hall is beautiful as well :)

Elizabeth said...

The hall did turn out lovely! I like the wallpaper in your half bath too--when did that go up?!

Martha said...

Thanks, Angie! I love the hallway trees and the mirrors... the butterfly piece is my favorite!

Martha said...

The wallpaper is the same paper that I used in our old house entry way and I wanted to use it somewhere in this house. It's covered in critters! It was put up during the Great Smelly Wallpaper Scandal of 2011.

Anonymous said...



Martha said...

thank you, Trish!

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