Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Prinses and The Pae (and Other Assorted Cuteness)

Sweet Josie is my third and final child to learn how to read, and like her brother and sister before her, learning how to read has opened up a world of fun and possibilities for Josie - including the creation of her very own book.  

Josie asked to use the computer the other day and I - currently living under the weight of about 2,000 middle school homework projects (more on this later) - was thrilled to allow her the opportunity to get out of my hair for awhile.

Over an hour later, Josie returned to the kitchen with this:

Her very first masterpiece:  The prinses and the pae.

Josie has great creativity, good artistic skills, is amazing at coloring in the lines and choosing eye-pleasing fonts.... but perhaps she's not so great at spelling.

I liked how Josie deviated from the usual telling of this classic story.  Josie's princess was not sore from a bad night's sleep on a lumpy mattress, but she was, instead, suffering from a horrific case of bedhead.

I suppose this particular prince is fond of bedheads on fair maidens!  What luck!

I love it!  

But wait!  There's even more cuteness to come!  

Josie came home from school with this a few days ago:

Her beloved older sister ever-so-kindly pointed out that the word "chocolate" was spelled wrong and that liking a certain color isn't really a good reason to love somebody.

Nothing like an older sibling to rain on your parade!

But don't think that Josie is the only cute-spewing Elliot.

Georgia herself had a moment of loving sweetness.  

Behold, my mother's day card (an assignment from Georgia's third-grade teacher):

All this loving is saving me from the dreaded nightmare that is the last three weeks of school.  Can I tell you how many projects / papers / tests / final exams / art projects / essays / pasta salad-cooking assignments that I am currently monitoring and supervising?

Yes, you did read that correctly.  In addition to all his homework, Henry has to make and bring into school a MAIN DINNER DISH on Friday.  I'm not sure what this middle school is thinking.  There are 8 other months that some of these projects could have been spread out among.


Henry will get through them, Georgia will get through them, I will get through them and then it will be summer.

Until then, I will read my new favorite book and admire the many reasons that my oldest daughter loves me.  That should help.


Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! These are all so cute!

Lovey said...

This is adorable! I especially love the bedhead deviation!

Martha said...

Weren't they all so cute?

I loved the bedhead deviation, too!

Especially considering the fact that every since she got her haircut short, Josie has had the WORST case of bedhead every morning!

Anonymous said...

The book is really adorable. Don't worry about the spelling-- it resembles Chaucer and he did O.K.

Anonymous said...

The book is so precious and she is definitely a phonetic speller - she did a great job with it!

I'm a teacher and I get so mad at my colleagues this time of year because they do try to "fit it all in" before the end of the school year. With so many ball games and extra activities going on, the kids don't have time for all this la-la-la. My 6th grader has 2 projects due soon, after having nothing all year and my HS Freshman has a huge project due on Friday that she hasn't had time to start yet due to her HS sports schedule.

As my mother always says, "this too shall pass" :)

Martha said...

Thank you! You are so right! I had to copy your comment and send it to my friend - we both loved the phrase la-la-la... it's so perfect for the situation!

I sent Henry off to school today with yet another finished poster for an English presentation. My office is starting to clear out slowly of all the school project clutter. I can't wait for summer!

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

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