Thursday, May 17, 2012

Rabbit Stew

We interrupt "The Week of Projects" to tell you about Josie's very last Storybook Workshop play EVER. (I like to be timely in my posting, but also, Georgia hasn't really had time to work on her project which I was going to highlight today!)  

The play was "Rabbit Stew" and the setting was a dog house and garden.

The dogs woke up early in the morning and tended to their morning routines:

They had a busy day of planting vegetables in their garden ahead of them and they wanted to get an early start.

At the back of the garden, other creatures were also stirring:  a family of hungry rabbits, waiting for the dogs' harvest to ripen so their feast could begin.

The dogs came out with their watering cans and planted potatoes, carrots and tomatoes.

The labor was hard but these dogs aren't afraid to get their paws dirty:

Well, you can just imagine what happened next!  Those rotten rabbits came and helped themselves to the dogs' newly planted garden!  

A ruckus ensued and the dogs forced the rabbits into their stew pot!

The dogs got out their cookbooks and looked up the recipe for Rabbit Stew:

The rabbits offered advice such as "you need potatoes!  you need carrots!" and each time the dogs left to get the needed ingredients, the rabbits ran away.

This happened three times!

And it looked like the dogs would never get their delicious dinner...  until they realized that their vegetarian "rabbit" stew was wonderful without the succulent rabbits ....

and instead of eating the pesky fiends, the dogs shared their veggie stew with their new friends.

The end.

It was a bittersweet moment.  This is probably our sixth year of Storybook Workshop classes and it is our last.  I will miss the plays, the puppets, the excited faces of my children as they leave each class.  

It was a great end to an exciting class.

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