Thursday, May 31, 2012

Toga! Toga!

Last Friday, I interrupted my frantic cleaning of the house (in anticipation of the arrival of my in-laws) and the packing of my suitcase (for my trip with Henry to Baltimore), to attend Henry's social studies Toga Party / Project Presentation.

I'm so glad I did.

The event was a great deal more organized than I had imagined.  Each child had his/her own area in order to display their poster, table-top display and personal Roman shield.

 Henry was wearing a toga that his social studies teacher put together with a knot and a few safety pins.  

I made note of how she did this, because yesterday morning, Henry announced that he needed "clothes pins" to hold together his toga and that he needed these items the next day.

I don't own any clothes pins.  Our laundry room is in a closet on our second floor and there isn't room to hang a clothes line - not to mention that with Henry's pollen allergies, we don't ever hang clothes outside to dry.  My Thursday was just as busy as my Friday and I didn't enjoy running around town looking for clothes pins - but run around a look for clothes pins, I did.

I was perhaps not a great sport about this, but really, what mother would be a good sport about hunting down last minute items because her 11 year old son CAN'T REMEMBER TO TELL HER ABOUT THINGS EARLIER THAN 24 BEFORE SAID ITEMS ARE NEEDED!?!

Sorry, I had to vent.

Ironically (or should I say annoyingly), the boy didn't even need the clothes pins.  He needed pins that could hold clothes, that's true, but the real phrase was "safety pins," and not "clothes pins."


This is what happens when you parent 6th grade boys.

I had a good time walking around and checking out the other children's Roman projects:

One child had a volcano complete with smoking, dry ice.

Another child had created a good poster about Roman jewelry and perfumes:

The children were all huddled around each other, dying of embarrassment:

but they shouldn't have been.  The projects were all well-done and they did a good job of answering any questions.

I left just as the other 6th grade groups were coming outside to mock their friends. 

Ah, middle school....

do you miss it?


Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

Hate those last minute "gotta have this or I will die" items - my first grader told me yesterday afternoon that she HAS to have a yellow shirt Friday for field day. Of all the colors in the rainbow, that is the one she does not have in her closet. Target, here I come!

Martha said...

Me too! I have to run to the store to buy red tshirts for both my girls by tomorrow! One year, I had to buy an orange shirt for Henry and do you have any idea how hard it is to buy orange for a boy?

elisabethellington said...

Your kids go to the most ambitious school! All of these projects make me long for worksheets. A fat stack of them.

Martha said...

Don't they? Mercy!

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