Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Week of Projects: Part Two

Henry has been studying Ancient Rome in social studies class.  His teacher assigned a written report / poster / table top art project that is due Thursday and will be followed by a full-costume toga party in front of the school in a week or two.  (oh, don't you worry.... I am SO going to attend and take humilating photos which I will then share with you all.)  Making sixth graders walk around the school grounds in a toga, is Henry's teacher's prize for working with surly, argumentative 12 year olds for an entire year.

Henry did the written portion of the assignment last week and started the artistic parts this past weekend.

For his table-top display, Henry built a replica of Hadrian's Wall.  (Go ahead and look that up on Google, it's a little too lengthy for me to summarize here)

I wasn't certain if we would be able to glue rocks together with any success, so I bought about ten different types of adhesive at the crafts store and hoped for the best.  

Henry began by lying out the flattest rocks in the pack and then decided that it would make the most sense to build the Ruins of Hadrian's Wall instead of the actual 8 foot tall original wall.

Good choice, Henry.

With Gordy's help, Henry started the second row of stones, using a very liberal amount of glue:

Three levels seemed like enough - and it since the glue seemed to be working, three levels seemed like we had pushed our luck far enough as far as adhering was concerned.  

Henry then added the moss:

The table-top display turned out well.

On Monday, Henry and I spent some time working on the poster.

Henry had already chosen and printed out his captions and pictures from the computer.  His teacher had made it clear that there was to be no "white space" on the poster, so I suggested adding some construction paper blocks of color:

We lay all the elements out on the poster board and then Henry got started with the gluing:

It was a good thing I bought so many different types of glue from the craft store.  It ends up that it only takes basic white glue to cement together pebbles onto a poster board, but it takes five different types of glue to successfully adhere paper to the same type of board.

I helped with the placement of the photos and captions - and when I say "I helped" I mean that Henry told me where to put things and I physically pushed the picture onto the board.  Lining things up orderly and square to the board and construction paper is not Henry's strong point.

Ta da!  

Written report - check!
Poster - check!
Table-top display - check!

Anther project finished!

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