Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Week's End

It's been a cold, wet, rainy week.  Actually, it's been a cold, wet, rainy month.  This is normal spring weather for New England, but it never ceases to annoy me.  I want warmth and I want sun.  I find myself wearing a scowl more than a smile and I'm usually a smily type of person.  One thing that does make me smile are the gorgeous peonies (my favorite flower) that I found on sale at our grocery store.

It's too wet for outside flowers, so I am happy to bring them in.

I have a lot of random photos that I haven't posted, so I thought this would be a random post of sorts.

Behold!  Henry's latest lacrosse injury:

It's hard to be a goalie in a sport with such hard balls.

And even harder to have to get allergy shots in that same arm a few days after the bruise has formed!

Georgia's town soccer team won a difficult match last Saturday:

They played a good team and won with seconds to spare.  Very exciting.  

Her team is currently undefeated.

Josie has been playing soccer, too - although, perhaps with less enthusiasm.

I don't think soccer is going to be Josie's sport.

She seems to prefer the water breaks to the actual game.

Georgia also played in a lacrosse game last weekend.

Her team lost miserably, but the score did not represent the effort her team put into the game.  (Don't you love my sport-parent-speak?)

But life isn't all fun and games, I had a stand-off with a turkey on our street the other day:

(photo taken with my phone and through my car windshield)

The hill we live on is referred to as "Turkey Hill" for a reason, but come on...


There couldn't be a more stubborn animal in New England than the wild turkey.

And lastly.....

Oh My!  So cute!  Another fabulous shot of my nephew.  This 3-D technology (which didn't exist while I was having babies) is amazing!  Look at that nose!   Look at those lips!  He's so adorable.

I absolutely can not wait to meet him and photograph him in the flesh.

Until then, I'll keep you posted.


Elizabeth said...

Is that a line of little ants I see marching out of your peonies?!

Lisa @ The Golden Spoons said...

Whew! That ultrasound pic shocked me for a second until I read the caption - thought you were making an announcement! ;)

Tara said...

Peonies are my favorite too! Mine are just getting ready to bloom now (I think we're behind you guys weather-wise in seattle). That photo of your son's bruise already has me cringing for sports injuries I know my (much younger) kiddos will undoubtedly get some day...

Martha said...

Ha! No! The good thing about store-bought peonies is that there are no ants!

Martha said...

Lisa - When I proof-read the post this morning, I wondered how many people would think that I was announcing something!

No announcements from me!

Martha said...

Tara - the bruises / injuries are pretty scary but only to the moms!

Angie said...

What a bruise. That fella is tough for sure!
I'm having a 4D ultrasound in 2 month and I'm sooooo excited :)

Hope you get some sunshine soon!

Anonymous said...

Your peonies are gorgeous - might have to go and get some myself since mine in the garden are no where ready to bloom! My poppies are waterlogged also with all the rain we've had in New England. Let's do a sun dance!

Martha said...

Please! Let's do a sun dance NOW! I have no idea where they are growing those peonies because don't they usually bloom in mid-june?

That's when my parents were able to cut their peonies and float them in a bowl of water to prevent the infestation of aforementioned ants (see Elizabeth's comment above)!

Martha said...

Angie! I just saw that you commented, too! I'm so jealous of that 4D ultrasound of yours -- I'm a sucker for an ultrasound! I'm looking forward to seeing what name you choose for your baby - your other names are so wonderfully scandinavian!

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