Sunday, June 17, 2012

Golf Pros We Are Not

Even though it was the first week of summer vacation, we had a long, long week.  Because our last two days of school coincided with the Week of Soccer Try-Outs, we spent the majority of our week driving to and from various soccer fields throughout metropolitan Boston, waiting for email team invitations, texting back and forth between other parents, weighing options in our heads and debating the merits of each team with each other and with the parents of Georgia's soccer partner, Ally, over and over again.  

Georgia and Ally tried out for three soccer clubs and both got three invitations, but we ended up choosing the same team that Georgia and Ally played on last year.  Both girls learned so much this year and we know that they will continue to grow and develop next year as well.

It's a relief to have the whole try-out process all over with.  Until next year, I mean.

And now summer can officially begin!  

On Saturday, I took the girls to play a game of mini-golf where I learned that while we might be good readers, soccer and hockey players, we will never become professional golfers.

You say a hole is Par 2?  We disagree.  It is at least a Par 10 and perhaps a Par 15.

Par 20, tops.

Occasionally we hit a hole-in-three:

But mostly, we didn't.

Mini-golf - or Putt-Putt as Southern Cousins call it - is a slow game.  

We did a lot of waiting for the party ahead of us to finish up and move on.

But that gave us a chance to admire the beautiful flowers:

And practice our putts:

And then the unbelievable happened:

Georgia got a hole in one using the water feature!

Josie hit her ball into the same water feature and then ran down the hill to see if she was as lucky as Georgia:

Nope.  I didn't have any luck there, either.

Oh well.  Mini-golf was still fun and it was still a far way away from the soccer field.  And that made it a very good thing!

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